feed my starving children

when one of the moms at olive’s school asked us if we would like to volunteer to help those less fortunate…we jumped at the chance! when we lived in chicago and belonged to st. clement church, i volunteered constantly. it brings me peace and joy, i loved helping out others and the community around us.

we baked bread for sunday mass, we made lunches for the homeless, we volunteered at events, i led groups to support community projects…the list was endless and i felt it was the least i could do.

now that we are at a new church and school, i am finding my place again. we were in limbo when we moved from st. clement but we have finally found a place and home with our new church.

so, we were looking forward to giving back on this day. we arrived at the facility on a dreary day and when we walked inside, they had us sign in and put on hairnets. wtf?! i don’t think i have ever worn one. LOL it was a freakin’ i love lucy episode!

we sat down for an intro to feed my starving children…what it was about and what we were going to do. there were strict rules, like don’t touch your face or you will have to wash your hands, don’t touch your phone or you had to wash your hands, don’t chew gum, absolutely no jewelry, no cuts without a bandage, and if you don’t hit all those notes, you have to wear gloves.

we washed up and we were ready to go! our school group had a station and everyone took a role to aid the assembly line to package all the bags. olive and i took on the food portion and scooped the proper amounts into the funnel, into the bag. the kids then took turns, switching their roles but eventually, they all wanted to bag and count. that was probably the most exciting part! with each box we finished, our group cheered loudly and that created a lot of energy and excitement to move faster!

we had so much fun with the other parents and kids. it was great for them to learn and gain some understanding on what they were doing for others. plus, they had so much fun with one another!

after we packed for awhile, we were asked to clean up, and then we were called into the storage area to bless the packages that we had created. they then directed us to go sit back down in the gathering area and gave us the stats of our hard work. we completely exceeded the expected goal and we couldn’t have been more excited!

we left feeling good and hopeful that we helped make a tiny difference in someone else’s life!

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[the group of kiddos helping out at feed my starving children!]

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[luisa and olive]

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[my and my beautiful girl]

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[our hard work paying off!]

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[we’re so blessed to be a part of this amazing community]



theology on tap!

i was very excited for our first TOT session at st. clement!  we had such a great time last year and i knew it was going to be even better this year!  our first speaker of the series was timothy o’malley from notre dame.  he was hilarious!  his topic of the evening was ‘when life doesn’t go as planned: the hidden gift of disappointment’.

my disappointment of the evening was that hubby charming wasn’t able to participate with me this year!  boo.  i was sad but it is what it is!

i had such a good time reconnecting with friends and creating new ones!  this was our biggest theology on tap ever!!!  329 attendees!  wow!!  the events prior never really exceeded 200!  last year’s session drew in 275 folks and that was a record for us; it was awesome to see the crowd grow!

my duties this year was food and drinks.  it was actually a lot of fun!  we can’t believe we actually fed everyone!  how crazy.  we are so grateful for the local restaurants that donated all the food!  we worked throughout the evening, bringing out the food, & cleaning up.  we totally rocked it!  our team was so fabulous!

the temperature was so ridiculous!  it was over 100 degrees in front of the church!!!  with over 300 peeps hanging out in close proximity, the temperature was bound to rise!

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[me and my team captains!  brian and megan!]

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i can’t wait for the next few sessions!


good news

st. clement // lincoln park

st. clement // lincoln park

it was a rainy day.  lots o’ rain in the forecast {humph, there goes the curls + twirls i put in my hair!}.  i had dedicated myself for some volunteer work in the morning.  the original plan was to attend the 11:15 mass and participate in the volunteer work right after.  weeeelllllll, that didn’t go accordingly!  i was all gung ho about springing my multitude of clocks forward {which i did}; my alarm went off this morning and the next thing i knew…i overslept!  yikes!  i rushed to get ready, knowing i would make it in time for the volunteer work but disappointed that i would be missing mass!

here’s the good news {a delightful surprise!}, hubby charming told me last night that he was able to come home for the night {yay!}.  so, on my way to st. clement, i called him and we agreed to go to 7pm mass together {soooo what i would prefer better!}.

I got to st. clement in time and helped maggie set up the sign up table {it stopped raining!} for our upcoming service day.  i meeted and greeted with the parishioners after mass to encourage them to sign up for service day.  after all that, i helped maggie break everything down and store it away for the 7pm mass.  it was also great to spend the time together and get to know her better!  also, knowing that i would be attending that mass instead, i told maggie i would participate in the service day sign up again!

it was so nice to be able to attend mass with my hubby charming.  i just love st. clement.  it was a very moving service tonight {very enjoyable and relaxing} and it’s been awhile since we’ve been to a mass where fr. ken was the presider!  the volunteer time after mass was a lot of fun too!  i passed out a good amount of flyers &  got some peeps signed up, but i know quite a few folks in this mass because of the volunteer work we did for theology on tap {so fun!} last summer…it’s dominated by 7pm parishioners.  it was a swell time then and tonight.

yup, it sure was a great day.

give, and it will be given to you. good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. for with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.  luke 6:38