theology on tap!

i was very excited for our first TOT session at st. clement!  we had such a great time last year and i knew it was going to be even better this year!  our first speaker of the series was timothy o’malley from notre dame.  he was hilarious!  his topic of the evening was ‘when life doesn’t go as planned: the hidden gift of disappointment’.

my disappointment of the evening was that hubby charming wasn’t able to participate with me this year!  boo.  i was sad but it is what it is!

i had such a good time reconnecting with friends and creating new ones!  this was our biggest theology on tap ever!!!  329 attendees!  wow!!  the events prior never really exceeded 200!  last year’s session drew in 275 folks and that was a record for us; it was awesome to see the crowd grow!

my duties this year was food and drinks.  it was actually a lot of fun!  we can’t believe we actually fed everyone!  how crazy.  we are so grateful for the local restaurants that donated all the food!  we worked throughout the evening, bringing out the food, & cleaning up.  we totally rocked it!  our team was so fabulous!

the temperature was so ridiculous!  it was over 100 degrees in front of the church!!!  with over 300 peeps hanging out in close proximity, the temperature was bound to rise!


[me and my team captains!  brian and megan!]


i can’t wait for the next few sessions!


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