ash wednesday

here weeee goooo! it’s the start of the lenten season!

wow…i felt like it just popped up on me. i was so unprepared. it was like boom! it’s time to fast {i’m hungry!}, reflect on our relationship with God, repentance, penitence, basically go back to square one and it came out of nowhere. literally. wednesday came and i was like whaaaaa? it’s ash wednesday?!

anyhoozle, this journey that we embark on every year is about cleansing our minds. it’s a time to think and pray. to challenge yourself to be better, give back, forgive, and think about, truly, how fulfilling your life is. it’s not the material items that complete you but your kind actions, kind words, and kind thoughts that should make your life fulfilling and complete.

annndd, then there’s the part of giving something up. the question is what? what will i give up that will really be impactful? it’s a decision that has so much weight to me. i think about the suffering that Jesus endured for 40 days and nights and it makes me feel like giving up anything is so minuscule! nevertheless, it’s a reminder for us, that even though what we give up is nothing compared to Jesus’ suffering, it our way to bring ourselves close to God.

every year, i love this time because it really challenges me to be a better person. to slow down and appreciate the life all around me. to love the people around me even more. to try, try, try again because i am not perfect. i will stumble and fall. i will get back up to try again to be at my best.


you are dust, and to dust you shall return genesis 3:19

doesn’t my ashy cross look more like a thumbprint?! ha.

i’m excited to embark on this season of lent. a time to renew myself, work on my commitments, and give back. cheers to a fulfilling and grateful lenten season.


ash wednesday

today is the start of the lenten season.

40 days to repent, think on our sins, ponder and strive to do better. it’s a time to reflect on our relationship with God. to consider your journey with Him and challenge yourself to live a more fulfilling life that will give back to those around you.

giving up something for the season is always a big argument in my head. Jesus suffered, so what will i part with to remind me of Jesus’s sacrifices for us? how can i also better myself and become closer with God during this time?


you are dust, and to dust you shall return  genesis 3:19

mass this morning was wonderful and a perfect start to the day. fr. ken presided over the service; it was a somber and thought provoking hour. i thoroughly enjoyed his homily about life and death…to look up from the grave and appreciate the world around you. don’t fret about the menial, petty things that can cause frustration within you but truly enjoy life in all it’s glory and positive aspects.

i’m excited for this season of lent..i’m looking forward to working on my commitments, the renewal of myself, and the renewal of all the things around me.

i hope your journey this season is a reflective and fulfiling one!


good news

st. clement // lincoln park

st. clement // lincoln park

it was a rainy day.  lots o’ rain in the forecast {humph, there goes the curls + twirls i put in my hair!}.  i had dedicated myself for some volunteer work in the morning.  the original plan was to attend the 11:15 mass and participate in the volunteer work right after.  weeeelllllll, that didn’t go accordingly!  i was all gung ho about springing my multitude of clocks forward {which i did}; my alarm went off this morning and the next thing i knew…i overslept!  yikes!  i rushed to get ready, knowing i would make it in time for the volunteer work but disappointed that i would be missing mass!

here’s the good news {a delightful surprise!}, hubby charming told me last night that he was able to come home for the night {yay!}.  so, on my way to st. clement, i called him and we agreed to go to 7pm mass together {soooo what i would prefer better!}.

I got to st. clement in time and helped maggie set up the sign up table {it stopped raining!} for our upcoming service day.  i meeted and greeted with the parishioners after mass to encourage them to sign up for service day.  after all that, i helped maggie break everything down and store it away for the 7pm mass.  it was also great to spend the time together and get to know her better!  also, knowing that i would be attending that mass instead, i told maggie i would participate in the service day sign up again!

it was so nice to be able to attend mass with my hubby charming.  i just love st. clement.  it was a very moving service tonight {very enjoyable and relaxing} and it’s been awhile since we’ve been to a mass where fr. ken was the presider!  the volunteer time after mass was a lot of fun too!  i passed out a good amount of flyers &  got some peeps signed up, but i know quite a few folks in this mass because of the volunteer work we did for theology on tap {so fun!} last summer…it’s dominated by 7pm parishioners.  it was a swell time then and tonight.

yup, it sure was a great day.

give, and it will be given to you. good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. for with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.  luke 6:38

40 days

you are dust, and to dust you shall return  genesis 3:19

you are dust, and to dust you shall return      genesis 3:19

happy lent!  today marks our lenten journey and i am super excited for this {woo!}.  a time to be more reflective on our relationship with God, repentance, and penitence.  choosing what to fast from is an intimate decision.  it is what is most important to you and what sacrifice(s) you are willing to bestow.

this time allows me to think about how i can be better.  how i can change myself to have a more fulfilling life in terms of giving back, forgiving myself, others, and living my life as an extension of His teachings.  definitely easier said than done.  i try to do my best but i have my everyday mishaps.

st. clement church and it’s community is a place where i call home.  father ken, who married us, is an amazing man.  i adore him.  he has inspired me to grow my faith, self reflect,  and give back in so many ways.  the sense of belonging is immense and there are so many outlets there to do something better for the surrounding communities.

i am thankful to have found this church, this parish, and the ignited self discovery path i have been on.