thu + rich

here’s a story:


once upon a time,

a little lady named thu met a prince named rich.  she didn’t like him at first.  he was smitten from the start.  a few dates later, the wonderful boy rich soon swept her off her feet. he made her delicious dinners many a date nights, they spent many days together, they laughed together, had fun together, snuggled together, and fell deeply in love.  then one chilly evening, in a far away bookstore, prince rich got down on one knee and asked lady thu if she would do him the honor and forever be his princess bride.  she said YES!  he placed a beautiful, vintage diamond ring on her bitty finger and so the story goes…

this is about us, our love, our life, happy things, maybe sad things {because they happen}, the wonderful people in our lives that help make the world go round. life is truly beautiful and it should be celebrated + shared.

r:  great cook, loves hugs, is a morning person, likes bikes + cars, very kind
t:  meh to cooking, loves to shop, is a night owl, sugarholic, energetic
both enjoy:  walks, chicago, we’re foodies, drinks wine {mostly red} + beer, pj’s, sunshine

i can do everything through Him who gives me strength.  phil 4:13

{photo by kate headley}