our best day ever on refinery29

i am so excited to have our wedding featured on refinery29!

almost three years later and it’s pretty awesome to have our wedding still talked about. it was, seriously, the best day ever. without that wonderful, euphoric, romantic, amazing, whimsical, lively, dynamic, exciting day…there wouldn’t have been the next best day ever…giving birth to miss olive!

our wedding was like a dream come true. so cliche right?! but it was. everything was perfect. celebrating our union with our friends and family was a recipe for unparalleled goodness. hc and i had the best time reveling in the love and joy of our guests…how could it not be fabulous when everyone is celebrating, eating, and drinking? best combos ever.

from our rehearsal, to our rehearsal dinner, to the wedding day, the sunday brunch, and then onto an alfresco dinner at my parent’s with our family’s out of town guest, it was a whirlwind of delight. the next morning we sped off on our honeymoon floating on cloud nine, full of happiness.

via tandeminlove.com[photo by kate headley // bouquet by justanns]

i am always so thankful to everyone who helped make our day so magical, from our amazing, prompt, creative vendors to our friends and family who helped make this moment so special. i am forever grateful because i will always claim this day to be the best day ever!


cool exhibits

it was a long, good weekend indeed.  lovely weather, lots o fun activities, and plenty of relaxing!  woo!

we spent our fabulous sunday, first, by going to mass at st. clement, then had a sunny al fresco breakfast at frances [first time ever for me, eating sausage corn dogs for breakfast!], and fun trip to the science and industry museum.  we love going there because it’s so interactive {what grace likes} and educational {what we like}!

it was fun exploring all the cool exhibits.  it had a u-505 submarine exhibit, an awesome blip in history during world war II.  it had realistic reenactments to show us how it all went down and how they overcame the enemy sub!

rich absolutely loved the art of the bicycle exhibit!  grace and i left him there to explore the other parts of the museum.  oy!  he took forever!  he spent at least five minutes on each bike (we had to ditch him 😉 !  the coolest part of that exhibit was the bicycle that was made out of cardboard and it sells for only $20!!!!  we want one!

we wrapped up at you! the experience, a great dive into the human body, mind, and spirit.  grace couldn’t wait to show me a 3d display of how big the baby looked at my current state!

via tandeminlove.com

[gracie + me going through a circus exhibit]

via tandeminlove.com

[cool little models on display]

via tandeminlove.com

[he’s so interested, non?!]

via tandeminlove.com

[can you spot grace?]

via tandeminlove.com

[stick your head far enough in the hole and you get to see a surprise]

via tandeminlove.com

[u-505 exhibit]

via tandeminlove.com

[make a shadow, hold still, and the butterflies will land on you!]

via tandeminlove.com

[grace at science storms]

via tandeminlove.com

[daddy daughter at the art of bicycles]

via tandeminlove.com

[more bicycles]

via tandeminlove.com

[a tandem made for us!]

via tandeminlove.com

[grace testing her power at you! the experience]

we explored so many more exhibits than that during our trip there!  afterwards, we hit the museum shop, grace had to get freeze dried ice cream!  it was, practically, her sole purpose of this trip!  we were finally on our way home after a fun but exhausting day to relax some more!  woo hoo!


our fairytale day

our wedding day was so amazing {no seriously, i know everyone says that but this is a very, very true statement!!!!}.  it was the best day. ever. we worked so hard on all the details; we put all our love into every nuance of that day for all our guests.  when i say fairytale, it truly was a magical day.

it turned out exactly how i imagined and could not have asked for a better day/weekend!  from our beautiful rehearsal dinner hosted by hubby charming’s parents [at the grill on the alley on michigan avenue], to our beautiful, 70+ degree sun, shiny wedding day at our gorgeous church [st. clement], to our wonderful reception venue [a new leaf…so amaze] to our delicious brunch hosted at our favorite restaurant [roy’s], such jovial moments!  it was the most wonderful, perfect time with our friends + family.

the feelings and elated emotions that you experience on that day are indescribable, intangible; if you could bottle that euphoria and share it, the world would be a better place.

i love this video of us on our wedding day.  kate headley {our fabulous photographer} did such a magnificent job capturing the magic of our day.

enjoy xoxo

a few of my favorite things

here are a few of my favorite things {of the moment}…

1. shawna sunglasses // kate spade

1. shawna sunglasses // kate spade

2. tray // s

2. lucite tray // pencil shavings studio

3. sparkle an interest // modcloth

3. sparkle // modcloth

4. cake trays // bhldn

4. cake stands // bhldn

5. tandem // bhldn

5.  bowery tandem bike // bhldn

6. necklace // j.crew

6. golden gears necklace // j.crew

7. ag jeans // antropologie

7. ag jeans stevie ankle // antropologie

8. rifle // anthropologie

8. rifle botanical labels // anthropologie




























  1. love me a pair of red sunglasses.  so lolita!  so chic!
  2. spice up your home with a modern lucite tray ~ oh la la.
  3. add a little sparkle into your step {eye catching!}.
  4. who doesn’t love cake trays?!
  5. amaze tandem bike.
  6. a lovely gold necklace that would top off any outfit.
  7. i die for these jeans…LOVE.
  8. brighten up someone’s day with a pretty, wrapped parcel.

work in progress!


helloooo there!  thank you for visiting my blog!  it is currently a work in progress {oy!}.  i’m super excited to to work out the design/format…thank you to my dear, dear friend andrea {my brainiac amie}!  muwah!  please come visit us again for a little love, a little laughter, + a lot of this & that.  happy february!  xo

{photo by kate headley}