a few of my favorite things

so, these combo of items are really my favorite things for miss olive. i am obsessed with all things pretty, feminine, and fancy. who knows what olive will love when she grows up, but for now…baby girl will be dressed up in these fun, fancy things!

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1. i love fancyfreefinery crowns. i love buying these beautiful felt crowns. they are so intricately made and gorgeous! we love this watermelon inspired crown in her shop. oh, a must have for miss olive! i love the color combo and it has been a perfect addition for all her fun, summery outfits.

2. i die over these fabulous dolls by cottoncandydollies. she makes custom dolls as well! she also has these cute, jelly caddies that you can put theses wonderful dollies in so that your little babe can conveniently carry her favorite toy around. any little girl would love a cute little doll that looks just like her!

3. this little balloon decor by confettiandsparklepartyshop are soooo cute! i definitely want this and then some for olive’s 2nd birthday! she has a ton of fun stuff in her shop. it’s like heaven for party throwers! there are so many goodies to look at, i get so overwhelmed!

4. mybeautifullittleshop has the most amazing moccs for your little ones. her styles are unique, gorgeous, and wonderfully made. i am in love with so many of her shoes styles and choices. my favorite ones are the sahara, the hot pink moccs, and her gold gladiators. each one completes her outfits and, well, they pretty much go with everything!

5. this romper from mabelandgordon is too sweet and pretty. isn’t it just the best?! it’s so feminine and delicate…i absolutely die over the poms at the neckline. so fun! the floral print and colors are just perfect for miss olive!

6. this pretty little print is from oh.eight.oh.nine. i discovered her through instagram and have totally fallen in love with her styling. she does the best shelfie shots! she totally rocks neutrals like it’s nobody’s business and has just recently opened up her own little shop of prints. i love this print from her store. it’s feminine and pretty…like all things olive!

well, there ya go lovies. a few of my favorite things for miss olive. can you tell i love pink and gold?! hence her nursery, her clothes, accessories, her birthday party…hehehe. these have been essential pieces to her summer wardrobe this season amongst other things! i hope through this, you discover some goodies that will become your favorites as well! happy shopping!


a few of my favorite things

i love shopping. yes i do. it’s something so good and fun that can really be a bad thing! 😉 eeekkkk! so, i am currently loving these fabulous items!

bebe’s favorites:

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[flower headband // gem pillow // leather crown // fox dress // fringe boots // watermelon purse // cross blanket // gold moccs // bowie romper // unicorn hook]

let’s start with this flower crown. oh em gee. i am so in love with this beautiful headband. it’s made with such details and care. olive looks so pretty and delicate with this headband on. i love the colors and how feminine it makes every outfit look that she wears. it’s a definite must have for any babes wardrobe.

how adorbs is this gem pillow? a perfect accessory to olive’s room. i love quirky, fun pillows; they can make any room, couch, bed look 10x better! everything in olive’s room is whimsical and unique, so this pillow is the perfect addition to her chambre!

this crown. *swoon* it totally reminds me of where the wild things are. it’s full of imagination and fun. it’s made by stitches and soles {my favorite shop!} and olive looks so stinkin’ cute in it! it’s beautifully made, soft, supple, and it’s just the cutest thing when she runs and prances around in it!

i die over this fox dress. i didn’t post the fox socks that match this dress {c’mon…i have so many items posted already!} but if you saw them, you would freak out! soooo cute. anyhoo, this dress is ah-maze. i see olive with her hair in pigtails and slippers, frolicking around in the grass on a warm summer day.

these fringe boots are too cute. i love the two tiered fringe on them. boots like these and in this color are the perfect complement to any outfit. any dress, pants, outfit will be complete cute shoes like these!

okaaayyyy, i keep on saying this but gawd…this purse. oh.em.gee. it’s the cutest mini messenger bag evah! i envision little miss olive shopping with me and carrying around this cute satchel {stashed with lipgloss, money, and her favorite toy}.

this cross blanket is great either in olive’s room or in the living room. i love the graphic pattern and the neutral colors. it’s a vibrant and cool throw, a perfect accent to any room in the house.

i dig these gold shoes. they are from stitches and soles. again, the best shop ever! alena is so sweet and she seriously makes the best products out there. these gold shoes are neutral enough to go with any outfit but add the perfect sparkle and shine to her cute little baby tootsies.

have you ever seen such a fantastic romper?! it’s david bowie!!! such a unique piece. it’s from a shop based in australia and the shop owner makes the cutest kids clothes. once i laid eyes on this romper, i had to have it for olive. summertime {yes, i am constantly talking about summer…we can’t wait} would not be the same without a bowie romper on olive!

this sweet unicorn hook is adorbs. i was thinking that it would so lovely in the playroom {that we will eventually have} so the kids can hang up their stuff or anything that they want to use it for. it’s whimsical, sweet, and functional.

momma’s favorites:

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[striped pillow // flower cupcake liners // calligraphy name tag // alice in wonderland book // tank top // wood console]

we have been slowly, i mean slowly, decorating our living room. it’s been such a long drawn out process but we have finally decided on pillows! yippee! here is one of the pillows we love. it’s the perfect design and color to tie our curtain and rug together. now only if we can get something up on our walls!

i love cupcakes and i love fun cupcake liners! these have been around for awhile but i will always love them. they are great for parties {to hold candies or other fun trinkets at a sweets table} and make any cupcake t h i s much more festive.

i have mentioned these awesome calligraphy name tags before on the blog but i am posting it here again because i really love them! you can have this etsy seller make any word into something cool and rad for any party that you host. whether you want to label your food or sweets table, or identify signature drinks at your next fete, these will add pizazz to any party decor.

as y’all know. i love rifle paper co. anything rifle and i am game. so, when i took a peek at their website recently, i flipped out over the fact that they are creating the cover of the alice in wonderland 100th anniversary book! yowza! i’m in love.

this tank top is da bomb. it’s so me. and probs every mom or non-mom out there! who doesn’t rock a top knot and tank top?! it’s my staple every summer. fer shizzle. need i say more?

this wood console/bar cart/media table is pretty nice. we bought this with the idea that it would be a bar cart. or really, a multi-use table. hc will eventually put casters on it so we can roll it anywhere in the house {it is sold with casters but hc insisted on putting it on himself…}. i really, really wanted a table like this in the kitchen and the fact is, hc can make this himself but it came down to time and that we didn’t have for this, so we purchased it instead. i love it. it’s perfect and the perfect height and width for what we need it for.

well, there ya go. quite a few of my favorite things! this post ended up being bigger than expected {i almost broke it into two parts but decided not to}. that’s what i get for liking so many items! natch. yeah, next time i won’t pick as many items and temper it out! alright, my typing fingers are dunzo. i hope y’all like/love/lust over my favorite things! i sure do!


a few of my favorite things

this moment i’m loving…

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these wooden dip dyed spoons. it would make a great hostess gift or add some spunk to your kitchen. you can always use some lovely wooden spoons to stir some cookie batter or sautéed vegetables in a pan without scratching it!

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so, i’ve been collaborating with a dear friend of mine around an upcoming event and she found this artist that i am currently obsessed with!!! i totally want a map made for us! how cool is this? such a beautiful piece of work…it’s a great conversation starter and just gorgeous to look at!

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i’ve been obsessed lately with striped napkins. yes. black and white striped napkins like these. i love the look and they add such a great pop of fun to your table. it’s a great way to contrast against any bright color you choose to accent your table with.

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i adore this jcrew factory necklace. it’s the perfect statement piece. it is neutral but impactful to any outfit. it’s great with a v-neck sweater, scoop neck t-shirt, over a classic button up, the possibilities are endless to snazzy up any outfit.

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what a romantic birdcage. i envision this piece at a spring/summer bridal/bebe shower or as a gorgeous centerpiece for any fete at our house! it can be seasonal too, such as, for a christmas party…you can fill the inside with red berries and pine branches to give oomph to your holiday table decor! the possibilities are endless and this cage can definitely be used year round to elevate any presentation for your home.

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this wire script is fantastic. it’s a perfect adornment to any room. especially a foyer, a great greeting for anyone to walk into! it’s simple, delicate, and inviting.

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i find this gold dot pillow to be a perfect accent to any couch out there! it will add that pop needed to brighten up any room. it’s modern and sophisticated and will add pizazz to any sofa that needs a pick me up.

well, there you go. a few of my favorite things right now! i hope you were a wee bit inspired and delighted! happy shopping lovies!


father’s day gift ideas

father’s day is coming up!

i’ve compiled a list of gifts {with the help of hc’s hints}, that are a possibility of giving for this upcoming dad’s day!

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how cool is this driftwood dock? it’s woodsy {anything wood is a fan favorite of the hubs}, simple, and would look very nice out and about in your home. a wonderful way to charge your techy toys without it looking cumbersome or junky!

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my hubs is a beer loving kind of guy. so, i think this lovely beer holder is a great gift to give because one: it’s really cool looking…loving the grey wood finish. two: it’s perfect to be able to tote several beers out to the back yard to your guests. three: it has the bottle opener right there! how convenient 😉

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hc is a fabulous chef. he makes the greatest meals, i am a lucky gal! i found this awesome tandem bike cutting board that can be personalized. it would be a fun gift to give and a special reminder that he is an awesome dad every time we are in the kitchen together cooking {or i’m in the kitchen and he’s doing the cooking!}.

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i die over these bbq sugar cookies from oh sugar events! i love the novelty and i think it’s a great add on, delicious, sweet treat to any father’s day gift you do end up giving. on a personal note, i think i’d be the one who ends up eating all these tasty cookies anyways!

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what dad doesn’t want a really cool shaving set? years ago, i bought hc a set like this. he loves it. it looks awesome and is pretty cool looking sitting out on the sink. it’s classic, old fashioned, and practical.

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a hc request. he hinted about this lovely tent to me a couple weeks ago. since he enjoys camping with grace and now we have a huge, spacious backyard…it’s the perfect gift to give to him! he needs to replace the old tent he has and whether they go to a camping ground or set up shop in our backyard, this is a great compact tent to tote around!

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these watches are marvelous. hc was eyeing a watch like this at a men’s boutique we were shopping at on southport last summer. so, i am suggesting this as a gift to any dad out there who loves wood, watches, and a fun conversation piece!

well, there you go! a few ideas to help out or inspire you to get your dad or your husband a fantastic gift for this special day. hurry up, lovies…father’s day is coming up quick. get that hard working dad something wonderful to show him that you care and let him know he’s the greatest dad in the world!


happy sprinter!

spring is here! spring is here! well, sort of…

it did snow quite a bit this morning {nice wake up call!} but it eventually evolved into a beautiful, spring like day {a whopping high of 46 degrees!}!

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ahhhh, spring…where flowers bloom & everything is warmer and brighter. here are my top ten favorites of spring. i can’t wait!

1. warmer weather {hurry up!}

2. longer, sunny, brighter days

3. colorful, pretty flowers blooming

4. sprouting trees

5. spring vacation {anna maria island, here we come!}

6. being outdoors {without freezing to the bone}

7. less layers {yay to that!}

8. easter celebration

9. no heavy coats

10. playing outside with olive

what’s on your top ten list for spring?! i hope it inspires you to look forward to some good things this season!


rifle paper obsessed

i love my iPhone cover. i received this as a gift from my lovely brother, dan. it’s so fabulous. i have been rifle paper obsessed for years now. i can’t get enough of their products. i love their cards, accessories, and all the knick knacks that they offer through their line. so much so, i ordered another phone case just to have. crazy, i know, but i will definitely use it!

having new iPhone cases is an addiction; like having new shoes or buying a new lipstick color! they always say you can never have too many!

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[isn’t it so fun and whimsical?! tres chic, non?]

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[my back up case ;)]

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[my back up, back up case. hehe]

so fun, non?! their products are so whimsical, cute, and darling!


valentine’s day crushes

it’s always fun to peruse the stores and web for fun valentine’s day goodies. valentine’s day comes at a perfect time in this dreary winter. it brings bright colors and fun goodies to our lives!

i loved valentine’s day as a kid.  it was fun, exciting, and sweet! i loved, loved getting valentine’s day cards at school. it was fun collecting them and seeing how cute they all were. of course, it was a joy to decorate your own valentine’s day mailbox!  finding the perfect empty shoe box and cutting out your own designs from the red, white, and pink construction paper, making it as pretty and lacy as possible! best part of valentine’s day at school?! having a party at the end of the day, eating home baked cookies that were brought in from a few classmate’s moms, and going home with a lot of sweet treats!

looking at all the cute valentine’s day decor had me reminiscing!  below are a few cute, sweet items i found for the upcoming holiday!

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little girl’s dress from etsy // pbk plates // pugs n kisses from etsy // vintage cupid decor from etsy // pbk valentine’s day mailbox

how adorbs is this dress? unfortunately, it doesn’t come in little baby sizes but i couldn’t help but crush on it a little bit! i want to buy this, for when olive gets a little bit older.

i love, love these vintage style plates from pottery barn kids. the designs are so whimsy and festive. so adorbs and perfect for a holiday table, topped with sweets!

these sweet treats are perfect for anyone on valentine’s day. yummy, cute decorated sugar cookies are always a great gift for anyone, like for myself 😉

a little vintage cupid would be perfect floating around the window, shooting his arrows at strangers, playing matchmaker! i found this on etsy, i’m such a sucker for vintage, chintzy looking decor {mixed in with modern pieces, of course, to balance out the look} for the holidays.

i am in love with this item!  the pbk envelope is so absolutely darling! perfect for olive to receive little love notes from her admirers!

there you go! just a few favorite picks of the season!


diaper bag essentials

figuring out the diaper bag essentials, every mom has told me different things and there were a lot of common threads {different moms are loyal to different products, or quite a few suggested the same!}.  after assessing all the input, i have decided upon my most favorite items for the first year…

the bag: my beloved louis vuitton

the essentials

1. portable changing station – perfect for the places that don’t have a changing station in their restroom.  it’s a great one stop shop piece {thanks carol!}!

2. pacis – for those early fussy moments

3. paci wipes – for the oops it dropped on the floor of the market

4. stain remover – it’s when she’s wearing her cute outfit and pictures haven’t been taken yet occasions {or those poopy stains that don’t seem to come out!}

5. baby nail files – when you don’t get the clean cut while she’s asleep and need to smooth out some ragged edges

6. snot catcher – for those cold days or when she is snot 😉 feeling so great

7. hand and face wipes – because kids are messy!

8. feeding bibs – for those drooly babes when then eat.  hopefully it helps catch the extra milk before it reaches all their chubby neck crevices

9. burp cloths – the bebe needs to get her fully belly on and she can’t do that without a good burp between the feeding!

10. a change of clothes – hey, she might poop all over herself, then what?

11. toy/rattle – something to distract her with or just plain entertain her with!

12. swaddle wraps – because they are good for anything!  swaddling, warmth, a carseat cover up…

13. antibac – knock out those germs quickly by having this conveniently available, pass it along to anyone who wants to hold the little babes

14. butt paste – this has come highly recommended by many.  besides that, i love the name!

15. wipes – hello!  ya gotta take care of that little tushy!

16. diapers – duh!

17. disposable diaper sacks – the just in case it’s a stinker and it needs to be contained!

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of course, if you are breastfeeding or not, you’ll need some more essentials…breast pump, nipple cream, storage bottles, baby bottles, formula, etc. you can also add in a brush/comb for some stylin’ hairdo’s or maybe lack thereof ’cause she has no hair!  as the tot gets older, you’ll need to throw in teethers, a toothbrush, some snacks, spoons, & sippy cups!

i know it seems like a lot but better safe than sorry!  packing for this little bebe is like packing for a long vacation!  i’ll probably slowly eliminate as i go, learn what i need and don’t need.  otherwise, i am ready!  🙂



favorite registry items

as an almost new mom, there’s nothing like discovering things on your own.  i savor and appreciate the advice so many moms have given me, but figuring out your own way through situations and issues are quite fun for me.  some ways might be over the top, some things might be unnecessary, some actions might be unneeded but it’s definitely about the experience and learning through all of it!  to each their own journey.

registering for baby products was quite daunting and overwhelming!  hc and i were so overwhelmed when we first started out!  oy!  we just stared at stuff, it was all so unfamiliar and awkward {seriously overwhelming}!  after a short period of time at the stores, we went home to collect our thoughts and get familiar with all the products via the internet.  hc did a lot of the research with the help of this book: baby bargains {it really helped!}.  through this all, it’s finally becoming familiar!

here are some of my favorite things.

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sophie the giraffe from pottery barn kids // this little giraffe came highly recommended from everyone!  honestly, though, you can’t miss it…it’s sold everywhere!

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could pillow from land of nod // just the cutest pillow ever…and it went perfectly with my bebe room’s decor.

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skiphop changing station from buybuybaby // for when there is no changing station and it houses a baby’s diaper change essentials.

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avent classic natural bottles from buybuybaby // i registered for the 4oz. and 9 oz. sizes, the avent storage bottles, and the avent double breast pump.

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lansinoh cream from buybuybaby // for those who will be breastfeeding, this will soothe, heal, and protect!

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minnetonka booties from land of nod // so cute, need i say more?!

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nosefrida from buybuybaby // we took some baby classes at prentice hospital and they highly recommended this product.  it’s a miracle worker for a bebe’s stuffy nose.

via tandeminlove.comboudreaux’s butt paste from buybuybaby // how can you not buy this with a name like butt paste?!

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sleep sheep from pottery barn kids // soothing noises {like she is still in the belly} to help her fall asleep.

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the stokke tripp trap highchair // an awesome high chair that transitions through from infant stage to childhood!  you will be using it for years!

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exergen temporal scanner from target // what the doc’s use.

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johan the raccoon from land of nod //  he’s just adorbs, the little bandit.

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carter’s sleeper gowns from buybuybaby // i was told sleepers are the best, especially during the first weeks/months because it’s so easy to change the baby’s diaper in your zombie state.

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aden and anais swaddling blankets from land of nod // love these!  so soft, cuddly and multi-purpose!

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aden and anais bibs from buybuybaby // these are so cute!  you’ll need a lot of bibs {at least 10-15} if you are using them for feeding.

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baby bjorn bib from buybuybaby //  when the baby starts eating solids…this bib is a must!  you just rinse it off and voila!  done.  reusable.  easy.

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carter’s teething bibs from buybuybaby // make sure you buy plastic backed bibs for when she just drools and drools and drools!

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britax b-safe infant carseat from buybuybaby // this carseat came with rave reviews on safety!  all you really need the first year is an infant carseat.  we registered for the convertible carseat as well but realized that we didn’t need it because it’ll be a year before we would use it.  by that time, we would rather buy one that was most up to date with current safety features!

via tandeminlove.comboon’s collapsable tub from buybuybaby // it converts from an infant tub {it’s deeper} to when the baby gets bigger {the more shallow conversion} and it’s simple and easy to store!  perfect for us city dwellers {it just hangs up on the wall in our closet}!

via tandeminlove.com

aden and anais swaddle wrap from buybuybaby // soft, pretty, cuddly…and the bebe will love it!  she’ll feel snug as a bug like she’s still in the womb!

there is so much more i can recommend and love!  a big thanks to the mommy friends of mine out there that have helped me, guided me, and were the guinea pigs so i can select the best and coolest products!  i am a huge fan of aesthetics {not gonna lie, it has to look good, be functional, and practical…hc and i believe in modern simplicity} and try to stay away from anything too crazy ‘kid’ looking.  it’s just how we roll.

for first timers out there, have fun with it…try not to get overwhelmed {although it’s easier said than done!} and despite all the recommending, suggestions, and opinions – truly go for what you love and like!



somewhere over the rainbow…

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what a pretty surprise!  as i was driving home, i was caught in the middle of a major downpour!  it was so heavy, you could barely see out your window {those black windshield wipers just looked like squiggly lines on my window as my car was engulfed in water}!  after a few minutes of heavy rain, it started to stop.  within a minute, a beautiful rainbow appeared {yippee}!!!  it lasted quite a long time and it just made me smile!  i rarely see rainbows and i was so delighted with this one!

i was searching for my pot o’ gold but all i got was faster moving traffic…you just gotta find the luck somewhere!!!