flashback friday

today takes us back to…2013.

oh, what fun we had! seriously. i had never snowboarded before and i was soooo anxious about it. so many folks were scaring me with their stories. how hard it was to learn, it was difficult to catch on, getting off the lifts was not easy, etc. oy. i was neeeeervous!

no one, i mean no one saw me as a snowboarder or even scoffed at the idea that i would even try. and so the story goes…

we flew out to seattle to stay with my bestie carol and her family. we spent the night and then headed out to whistler the next morning. we road tripped it on up, it was pretty amaze to drive up there, once we were closer to whistler. the scenery became more vivid and gorgeous.

we had rented a house up there, it was beautiful and perfect. it had heated floors, lovely bathrooms, and it was super, duper cozy.  i was so stoked to be up there. it’s a whole ‘nother world. the shops were cute, there were so many nooks and crannies to visit, explore, and soak it. the area was visually stunning and i loved the laid back attitude of everyone.

now, onto the snowboard thing. it was pretty awesome. obvs, i took beginner’s lessons, but it was soooooo easy. i loved it. i was surprised by how much i loved it. i was shocked by how easy it came to me. yes, we hit up the kiddie slopes {natch} but going down the mountain was so sweet and fun. i got off lifts with ease, if i bailed – it was easy for me to get right back up. i seriously had the best time learning and snowboarding.

i absolutely love this pic of me and the hubs. he took time out to snowboard down with me a few times {he was hitting the bigger slopes with our gang}…it was fabulous to be able to share this with him!

via tandeminlove.com

this vacation was definitely on the books as one of my favorites! oh, how i wish/want/need to go back! two years in a row…we have been halted by us having babies!! last year it was me and this year it was carol! ha!

anyhoo, my lovies, i hope y’all have a great, great weekend. i’ll be dreaming of my past fun holidays!