olive’s 12 month loves

month twelve.

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etch a sketch classic doodle // melissa and doug animal wood puzzle // plan toys dancing alligator // brown bear brown bear book // pottery barn kids chair // princess barbie four wheeler

{insert sad face} my last monthly post about olive’s monthly loves. *sniff sniff* it’s been such an amazing year with this little gal and i loved discovering, along with her, all of her favorite little likes and dislikes. children are so amazing. so innocent and loving. they are pure happiness, they live in the moment and have no barriers. that thought breaks and melts my heart at the same time. i would do anything to protect her from this imperfect world but alas it will only make her stronger to experience life’s crazy paths. until then, she just loves her toys and that is all that matters right now! so onto more lighthearted banter!

she received this etchy sketchy thingy on her first birthday. now granted, her interest in items, maybe, last a minute or two but she does love doodling on this contraption. she loves to give it to me, i’ll write something on it and then she will yank it away {like how dare i enjoy her toy!}, and then she will give it back to me so i can draw on it again. she usually keeps up this cycle for a few minutes until she wants to grab another toy and give it to me.

auntie missy gave this wood puzzle to her. she does enjoy it. she loves to whip all the pieces of the puzzle onto the floor and never put them back. yay! so i place all the shapes into their respective homes and then she whips them back onto the floor! woo! although, i think the puzzle toy is haunted. the animals just randomly make sounds when no one is near! and we ‘lost’ the cat piece, so the cat meows and meows and meows. sometimes in the middle of the night, the cat will howl out from the wood puzzle. eerie.

olive received this wood alligator from andrea! it’s so cute! it bounces it’s behind when you pull it along. click clack click clack . i love plan toys and, as always, i love wood toys! the colors of this toy are catching for olive’s eyes and she loves to pull it along the floor. she has a great time with it!

oh my goodness. olive really, really loves this book. she loves to pull the tabs back on each page to reveal the animal picture, even before i finish each sentence! the colors are so rich and vivid on each page; and i love to make each animal noise for olive so she can understand and relate. it’s currently her favorite book, unfortunately it’s so heavy! she cries every time she picks it up and brings it over to me. she will typically drop it twice before i come over to rescue her from it.

she received this chair from gramma and papa for her first birthday and it’s her absolute favorite. she loves to sit in it and chill. she will cuddle with her bunny blankie, or brown bear, or her pink bear while she watches t.v. it’s so cute to see her sit in her chair like a grown up! her big sister loves it just as much and they always have a little showdown on who will sit in the chair! olive always trumps this one!

her new favorite thing? cars, anything with wheels, anything she can push and roll around the house with. whether it’s a wooden car, a big plastic four wheeler, or a shopping cart, she’ll push that thing around until she can’t push no more! she absolutely loves to be pushed around as well and that can be trouble! it’s soooo tiring to push her around, she wants more and more and we are so old and tired! she gets so upset when we stop but i get so out of breath and exhausted…so my family and i will take turns to push that little princess around.

there ya go! the ‘last’ of olive’s monthly loves! oh, how bittersweet. we look forward to olive’s future loves {a post here or there about her growing favorites!} and her soon to be big girl ways! our little babes is getting so big and independent already, slow yer roll baby doll, slow yer roll!


olive’s 11 month loves

month eleven.

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wooden taxi // stitches and soles moccasins // bear hat // plasma car // angel dear blankie // boogie wipes

olive is really loving any push toys right now. she will grab anything on wheels and roll it all around the floor. well, it doesn’t have to have wheels. she will just push it across the floor if she can. so, this little wooden taxi is a favorite. it’s actually a substantial size. it’s sturdy, bright, and easy to play with. it’s so cute to watch her roll it across the floor while she does her gimp crawl {it’s an interesting combo of moves that gets her across the room}. annndddd, like i have said before, i love wooden toys. i love the texture of them. i love that they are environment friendly. i love that they are made with non-toxic paint {cuz everything goes into her mouth!}. i love that they are so aesthetically pleasing as well!

i love, love these moccasins from stitches and soles. they are too cute and so easy to put on olive. they have elastic hidden bands and they totally stay on her feet! her shoes are top notch in quality and design. these shoes add total oomph to any of olive’s outfits. they come in lots of fun colors and she offers two cute styles in ’em. i can’t wait to add more colors into her collection and dress her up in my love {all over, all over}. yeah, madonna fans…ya got that one?

hats. hats are a must right now. i think my problem is finding hats that fit olive’s noggin. okay, she doesn’t have a huge head but it’s near the 80th percentile on her chart {so, she has outgrown some cute hats i have gotten her a few months ago!}. i love fun little hats like this babygap one. it’s good to have a few neutral ones available that can go with any outfit she has or any coat. the weather is so unpredictable, so it’s imperative to have warm hats on hand to protect her little, presh noggin.

this push car is one of olive’s favorite. it’s at my parent’s house and olive loves to push it around. she is such a strong little girl that she can push it when her cousin reagan or auntie kim is sitting on it {or both at the same time!}. it is hilarious to watch…and ya kinda feel bad for her at the same time. olive loves to push people around on the car {so cute} but yet, it melts your heart she is working so hard at it. a determined little gal.

she’s such a snuggle bunny now. she loves her little blankies or anything soft, so she can rub her little cheeks and lips onto them. she loves this soft owl blankie {courtesy of auntie carol} and has become so attached to it. she loves to sleep with it. she loves to watch tv with it. she loves to crawl around the house with it. it comforts her. it calms her down and i’m totally into it. it’s so endearing and heartwarming to watch her snuggle her blankie {her new bestie}.

boogie wipes are a lifesaver. seriously. olive went through a week where she had a bit of a runny nose {poor babes!} and she did. not. like. it when i tried wiping her nose. it finally dawned on me that i had a stash of boogie wipes in her diaper bag! hallelujah. it saved me. she totally let me wipe those icky boogs off her face with these wipes! no problem. no fussing. no tears. i just pulled out a wipe, cleaned up her nose, and she would hardly flinch. thank goodness! she didn’t have to look like a kid whose parents would let their boogies run down their face {yeahs right…like i would ever let that happen!}.

well, those are olive’s eleven month loves! can you believe she is eleven months?! oh em gee…it’s cray to think about it. she is so amazing. i love her sooooo much and every minute i have with her just melts my heart to a mushy, puddled mess. she brightens up our world and sometimes i think my heart might explode with love. *sigh*


olive’s 10 month loves

month ten.

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skip hop animal pull toy // kiki doll // foam alphabet letters & numbers // maileg rose bear // dvd boxes // fischer price smart phone

olive has really taken to this pull toy. when she received this gift over a month ago, she was more interested in pulling off the animal parts and throwing them on the ground. that was the extent of her entertainment. but nowwww, she actually loves to pull this fun toy around. she will crawl and drag the pull toy across the floor, dropping the animal’s heads along the way. of course, i’m chasing all the flying parts and putting them back onto the toy as she, simultaneously & gleefully, pulls the animal heads off again. off with their heads!

she has grown very fond of miss kiki. most mornings, she likes to hug and give her kisses. sometimes she will hold onto her hand and drag her along for fun. i love this doll because it reminds me of…me! ha! when we registered for this doll, hc was not fond of them. he didn’t think they were the cutest of dolls. psh. i was totes in love with kiki ’cause she had bangs and rosy cheeks like me. i secretly think that is why olive is so fond of her! heehee.

these alphabet letters were a gift from carol..i can’t remember if they were sent before or after she was born. anyhoo. they pretty much sat on her bookcase for months and months. just recently, olive has been loving them. they have been stored in a ziplock bag and she loves to open up the bag and take out one. letter. at. a. time. she will toss them anywhere. on the shelf, on the floor, on the rug, on her rocker, in-between the bookcases. it’s her favorite go to when she is in her room. it can actually entertain her for awhile, which makes this momma happy!

just like kiki, olive has taken to this cuddly bear. it was a gift from our dear friend becky. i love, love the maileg collection. they have the cutest dolls! olive loves to hold onto this bear and give it kisses too! she holds the bear close and snuggles her presh lil’ face to it. i usually take this rose bear with us when we go out. it is so beyond cute to see her cling onto it, especially when she falls asleep in her carseat holding tight onto the bear. so sweet.

so, it’s not really this movie she is into. it’s the movie cases she has a thing for. oh baby olive. we have a t.v. console that has two drawers. the bottom drawer has all our dvd cases stacked inside. she has discovered them, oh yes she has! she will crawl over to the drawer, pull it open, and proceed to throw every single dvd case onto the floor. one. by. one. pink, ponk, bang, clank, goes all the dvd cases onto our wooden floor. sometimes she will pause {in-between throwing}, turn around and give us a sly smile before she continues to throw all the movie cases onto the floor. what a little punk diva.

last but not least, she is loving this fun smart phone, given to her by gramma and papa h. she especially loves the camera button. she will snap, snap, snap photos like she is a professional photographer. it’s too cute to see her play around with it. she loves pressing all the buttons and smiles when the phone talks to her {like siri!}. it’s almost as good as my iphone. almost. but this phone is extra special because it came from gramma and papa…gifts with love. that’s our favorite kind!

there ya go my lovies! olive’s ten month loves. a month filled with crazy good milestones; olive’s mind and body becoming stronger, smarter, and cuter. we loved discovering her favorite things this past month and can’t wait to share what she’s been loving this month!


olive’s 9 month loves

month nine.

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happy puff cereal puffs // wolfgang amadeus piano // avent sippy cup // honest bug spray // farm fun book // bugaboo stroller

we introduced puffy cereal to little o right after her eight month mark. i was a little nervous {like any new mom!} that she would choke on it but was encouraged to know that it would help her fine motor skills; plus any baby that could sit up and hold up their own head can eat solids just fine. and fine she did with eating the cereal puffs! she loves, loves, loves them. i just adore watching her grab each puff and messily aim for her mouth. at first she was a bit clumsy with it but now she’s a pro. this baby girl loves to eat!

oh, where do i start with this? she loves this piano {future rock star?}! this is, honestly, the best buy evah! she loves playing with it and it totally entertains her. she will bang on the keys, then look up at me in-between her banging with that sweet face, and giggle and smile…it melts my heart! it’s a mini size piano and it’s perfect for little o. it’s cute, it’s tiny, and i absolutely love the red color. it perfectly matches her room. so bonus points all around!

this sippy cup is fantastic. my parents started giving olive water in a bottle a few months ago, then i started giving her water in this sippy cup. at first, she wasn’t very keen on it. the nozzle was different and she wasn’t quite sure about it all but i kept on introducing it to her at every meal. she eventually caught on and totally loves drinking from it! at first, she didn’t hold the bottle {lazy girl or spoiled girl??} and she didn’t know that she needed to tip the bottle up to get the liquid to go through the nozzle. but nowwwww, she guzzles it and drools all over herself! she hasn’t quite mastered the idea of every time you sip, you swallow…so she sips and sips and then maybe swallows, therefor she dribbles and drools all over herself! we love this sippy cup!

during the month of august, the mosquitos were in full force. oh my goodness, they were like an army that battled their way through anything just to get a little nip on you! we love honest products and we love their honest bug spray. it’s not made with deet and is perfectly safe for you and the babes. the spray smells citrusy and totally repelled those little blood suckers! ha ha mosquitos! take that, touché!

olive loves this book! it was a gift from our friends kevin and lisa {so thoughtful!}. i have a bunch of books that sit on olive’s play mat and when she crawls over to them, she always grabs this book! she opens it up, flips through the pages, mumbles like she’s reading, and is mesmerized by the colors and pictures. plus, she loves it even more when i read her the book and make all the fun animal noises. she just grins ear to ear when i do that, which in turn melts me into a puddle of mush. so, therefor, this is our new favorite book!

well, baby girl is still in the infant car seat {she’s still a wee one} but that time has passed where we are able to leave her in the car seat, attached to the stroller. this past month, she was not having it. she didn’t want to be in the car seat {the halfway, lay down position} while we walked around with her, she was too curious and wanted to sit up so she could see everything. so, she graduated into the seat part of the stroller! now, she has the best time when we walk around with her in it. she can sit up, lay back, kick up her little legs, and twist her big noggin all around to see all the fun things whizzing by!

there you go! olive’s nine month loves. we had an amazing time this past month learning together, playing together, and laughing together. we look forward to sharing olive’s ten month loves soon! yay!


olive’s 8 month loves

month eight.

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mini boden bee dress // etsy flower hair pins // apple tv remote // b alphabet abacus // baby genius nursery rhymes // beadee baby necklace

i have mentioned this before. i love mini boden! the clothes are so cute, whimsical, and sweet. i love this little bee outfit. they are all well made garments and seriously come in the cutest prints evah. olive’s easter outfit was mini boden {so stinkin’ cute}, and her current swim suit is as well {and it’s on sale}! the line of clothing is amaze and fun. definitely worth having a few pieces in the closet for the babes.

i just purchased a whole bunch of these hair pins from this etsy seller. like baby shoes, baby hair pins can get lost in a nano second. or i tend to lose them in a black hole at my parent’s house! but let’s be real here, i can never have too many hair pins, hair bows, or headbands for miss olive. the more the merrier and the more to match her outfits! woot. woot.

olive’s current love? the apple tv remote. yessss. she actually ruined our apple remote by getting her drool all over the remote and it totally malfunctioned. hc tried to fix it but that was a no go. so, we actually bought a new one and gave the old one to miss olive to play with. she loves her ‘new’ toy. she grabs for it like she shouldn’t have it {little does she know!}. hehehe.

the alphabet abacus was a gift from my friend dawn. when olive received this, she loved it! she would spin the blocks round and round and giggle. soooo, {warning will robinson} this toy is technically 18 months and up…it does tip over, so i definitely recommend being right next to your babes if she/he is playing with it! anyhoozle, regardless, olive does have a fantastic time spinning the blocks, looking at the colors, and nibbling on the wood.

okaaaayyyy, baby genius nursery rhymes is da bomb. o loooooves it. she is mesmerized by the colors, scenery, cartoons, and kids in this show! she loves watching it and absolutely loves the music. hc and i can turn on the program and olive is sucked in. it’s perfect for us when we need to keep her preoccupied! ha! but really, we love singing along to the songs to entertain her and it keeps little miss olive smiling non-stop!

 i was on the look out for baby jewelry. i was first introduced to it when my dear friend rebecca sent us the cutest gift box of goodies from a little bundle. inside the box, it had a silicone bracelet for moms to wear and their babes can gnaw on it safely. i love wearing accessories but now little o loves to chew on it all and i’d rather not have her stick random metals inside her mouth! so i found this etsy seller who had some very cool necklaces. i did research quite a few but i kept coming back to this one for it’s shape, color, and style. i loved all three combos and was sold. now, when i wear this necklace, it’s fun and colorful and super safe for my baby to chew on!


olive’s 7 month loves

month seven.

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color car from land of nod // mama and baby indestructible book // munchkin caterpillar spillers // classic baby beads from land of nod // wee gallery pet art cards // fisher price jungle jumperoo

the wooden car is made with non toxic paint and is great for developing olive’s motor skills. hc claims that this is his favorite toy to date. olive loves to flip the colorful wooden slats back and forth and roll the car up and down. it’s such a cute, fun object…aesthetically pleasing and great for olive!

this indestructible book is awesome. baby girl loves to play with paper, so she loves ‘reading’ this book. sometimes i’ll make up stories for her with the pictures, other times she loves to just gnaw on the edges until it’s covered with drool. it’s doesn’t rip, it keeps it’s shape, and it’s washable. a perfect book for any baby!

when i threw a gender reveal party last summer, olive received some gifts from our wonderful guests. our dear friend dana gave olive these bath time cups. she actually loves playing with these without bath time! she grabs each cup, one by one and chews on them. she also loves it when we stack them high. in a second after stacking them, she will knock them all down with a smile. thanks dana for olive’s current favorite toy!

the baby beads are very similar to the wooden car. it’s made of wood and was painted with non-toxic paint. it’s colorful, so it’s pleasing to her eyes. she loves to grab at it and drool on it and work on her fine motor skills. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i love buying wooden toys for olive!

i love, love these baby art cards! the contrasting colors are fun for olive and she loves to pick them up and drool all over them {common theme, right?!}. it also helps her grasp objets and fine tunes her motor skills. i love how she intently looks at them and i can see how she is examining their design {it makes me wonder what she is thinking!}. such great cards to support the babes development!

she loves the jumperoo. seriously, she loves it. she can sit in it for hours. bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. she plays with all the fun contraptions on it, she gleefully laughs, and is entertained by all the fun sounds! it’s such a perfect, fun ‘toy’ for her. it keeps her curiously preoccupied for awhile and us hands free to do some stuff around the house. bonus points for everyone!


olive’s 6 month loves

month six.

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the hungry caterpillar plush toy // zebi baby organic burp cloths // sophie the giraffe rubber toy // the hungry caterpillar sensory book // maileg organic cotton fox toy // nordstrom flutter sleeve baby romper

olive loves her hungry caterpillar toy. it’s easy to pick up and she loves to slobber all over it. that’s her thing lately, drool and slobber on everything! she likes the colors and it’s quite easy to pick up. it’s always the first thing she reaches for when her toys are lying around her.

i love these burp cloths. they are soft, made from organic cotton, and i absolutely love the prints. the fox print is my favorite. so chic. plus, they serve their purpose! they absorb her drool, spit, and tears quickly and it’s super soft on her delicate skin. they are from my favorite store, sprout, in wicker park.

ok, so sophie had to make another debut on her favorite things because olive absolutely loves her. loves, loves, loves her! sophie is her number one toy. she always reaches for her and she loves holding onto her. she will chew, spit, and gnaw on her for hours. seriously, this french giraffe is the best invention and import for babies! it totally grabs her attention and keeps her preoccupied for a long time!

olive loves anything crinkly. since she loves the feel and learn book so much, i got her the hungry caterpillar book as well. i love this sensory book because it’s beautiful. the colors and pages are so creative, artistic, interactive, and pretty. i love children’s products that are functional, modern, beautiful, and aesthetically appealing. surprisingly this book fulfills a lot of those requirements. plus, she loves the little strawberry that hangs on it…a great chew toy for her!

the fox plush toy represents the bear plush toy olive received from our dear friend bex. it was inside the best boxed gift ever from a little bundle, a cute little box b ordered for miss olive before she was born. inside was a cute, little toy bear. olive loves to play with it. it’s soft and chewable. it’s thin and light and she can pick it up, gnaw on it, and throw it around. i love the fox one too…she does need a fox toy 🙂

i love this little flutter romper. i love neutral colors and it’s actually shorts! so cute for summer. it’s a bit masculine and feminine at the same time. i love all these cute little clothes for her! ugh…she does grow through them so fast though! i feel like i buy and buy and she never has enough items?! hee.


olive’s 5 month loves

month five.

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vulli sophie natural soother // pbk bunny thumbie // feel and learn book // hair flower clips from etsy // angel dear muslin swaddle // easter bunny softie rabbit from etsy

everyone who sees olive tells me she must be teething. annddd she might be. i felt her gums the other day and no teeth yet but they could be slicing in. she’s drooling, jamming her fist in her mouth, and gnawing like a crazy baby on anything sophie right now! i love all the products this line offers and the rubber soother is a must right now for little o to chomp her gums on to ease her discomfort! we initially received ours from buybuybaby but they are sold out right now, so i found a site that offers it there!

olive is a bit young right now to really love her thumbie but she is starting to like the softness. she pulls it up against her face and rubs the plush fabric on her skin. we have both the rattle and the thumbie, olive loves them both! the rattle keeps her occupied and the thumbie soothes her.

she absolutely loves her crinkle book! she is so into noises and textures right now. she loves to feel the softness of materials and loves, loves the sound of crinkly plastic. she likes to touch the book and explores each page you show her. she is so very curious.

now the flower clips are more so my love but olive truly doesn’t mind! she is totally fine having little flower clips and headbands on her beautiful head of hair! i love how it totally dresses up a boring outfit and adds total pizazz to her do. i have the flower hair clips {the ones you see olive wearing in previous pictures} from buybuybaby, they aren’t available right now, but found these cute ones from a seller on etsy!

i found this angel dear swaddle at a boutique while we were on vacation in florida. i fell in love with the print. it’s so stinkin’ cute! it’s perfect right now for olive because it’s so large, breathable, and muti-functional for anything. i like to wrap her in it at night, i like to use it as a blanket for her cold tootsies, i like to cover her stroller with it, i like to use it as soft pad for her head. the uses go on and on with this one! i am a fan of the different lines of products they have for this brand.

this last love is all me…i absolutely love this stuffed bunny! it was perfect for easter and it will be a great toy for her year round. it is so darling and unique. a beautiful hand made doll that will be cherished for years. it is on the pricey side but so worth it. i hope olive grows to love this little bunny toy as much as i do!


olive’s 4 month loves

month four.

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infantino gogo trio toys // sophie the giraffe // skip hop portable changer // aden and anais swaddling blankets // baby bjorn // mustela stelatopia

we kept these toys off of her carseat for the first few months. she actually hated her carseat, she cried non-stop while she was in it and nothing seemed to console her. she was also too young to have her eyes focused on anything for too long. but nowwwww, she loves looking at anything and gazes curiously at everything. so, we finally attached the gogo trio toys to the handle of the carseat to entertain her! although hc says she can only see their butts, i think the bright colors and sounds amuse her!

olive loves sophie the giraffe. it draws her attention away from her grumpiness, she loves to gnaw on it, she loves to nibble on it, and she loves to hold onto it and put it in her mouth. the squeaky noise distracts her and she loves to grip sophie’s legs or neck and nibble on the giraffe’s nose.

the skip hop changer is so essential! olive doesn’t mind the material against her skin. she knows it’s diaper changing time when she’s on it and it is so easy to clean up if any accidents happen! i love how chic it looks {love the grey chevron print} and it stores everything you need for a quick diaper change anywhere. you know it’s a clean and sterile surface you trust if there is a baby changing table available or not.

as olive is getting bigger, these swaddle blankets are perfect! they are oversized and give enough material to tightly wrap your bebe into a deep sleep. they are also versatile as a stroller cover, blanket, or nursing wrap {if needed!}. i love the prints that it comes in {so whimsical and pretty} and i love how soft, lightweight, and organic the material is. such a perfect blanket to transition into from the winter flannel swaddles we were using.

the baby bjorn didn’t serve much of a purpose when olive was born because 1. it was so darn cold, we didn’t casually walk anywhere 2. she loved the moby wrap better because it was more of a snug fit. well, now we all love it! it’s perfect for hubby charming because it’s 1. black {it’s more manly…grrrr} 2. it’s very easy 3. olive loves it! we have used it around the house casually, we have used it for walks on the beach, we have used it when we have decided to not use the stroller for random events and need to walk around with her.

during this past harsh, harsh winter, olive’s skin had gotten sooooo dry. poor thing. it was rough and a bit scaly. i was using the mustela hydra bebe lotion {which would and will be perfect for her skin in warmer climate…helloooo summer!} but it wasn’t doing her skin any justice during this cold season. so, i bought the mustela stelatopia lotion, which was a lifesaver for her beautiful skin! it instantly smoothed out her skin and made it all so baby soft! it’s very moisturizing and her skin just drinks it up. it smells great and is great for her skin. i highly recommend this wonderful product to any moms out there who’s baby skin needs a little tlc.

bonus love: truly it’s my love for olive – our bebe au lait nursing cover.

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[i have the navy quatrefoil print…very nautical, neutral, and modern]

i had been breastfeeding olive and it was going so well. during my maternity leave, since i was trapped inside almost all the time and she was brand spanking new, i didn’t venture out much. so, it was easy to feed olive in the comfort of our home or my parent’s house. as olive became more active and we became more active with her, i realized i needed a feeding cover!

i looked into a few covers and totally fell in love with this print from bebe au lait! i honestly felt a lot of these types of covers were very unattractive! ugh. not the prettiest prints out there. i love simple, modern, clean prints and a lot of them were wild and fussy.

this cover is perfectly sized and sturdy. it has a flexible top wire so it’s ventilated and you can easily see your baby while she is feeding. you feel completely covered and safe to feed your baby anywhere. it has little terry cloth corner pockets, where you can store small necessities. it folds and wraps up very compact to fit inside our diaper bag. a definite must have for any nursing moms out there!! we love it!

well, there are olive’s four month loves! we are loving our stuff for her, loving life, loving our little olive!


olive’s 3 month loves

month three.

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ikea crib // fisher price musical gym // bears paci’s // bb waterproof sheet savers // boudreaux’s butt paste // avent natural bottles

olive finally started to sleep in her crib during the end of her third month. we were so happy! it was great to have her in the bouncy and in our room but we really wanted her to acclimate to her crib. we were reading her sleep signs and finally decided to give the crib a try and voila! she slept in it and through the night! woo hoo!

near the end of her three month stint, olive really started to love her snugabunny musical gym! she had become so entertained by it. she loves to lay there and stare up at the lights and fun charms that hang all around her. it’s so perfect for tummy time too. she loves to look at herself in the mirror while she does her push ups!

the first few months, olive did not take the paci. oh no. she cried and cried and cried if you tried to stick a paci in her mouth. now, she’s not completely fond of it but she does randomly take it, so i would say that is a win! plus, it was a gift from aunt missy and you can’t go wrong with anything that has the bears logo.

i love these sheet savers. not only do i have one in the crib, i put one on top of her changer. with as many accidents that happen when you change your baby’s diaper, it really does save you from washing and washing your changer cover from all the number one’s and two’s that spray around {literally} everywhere!

baby girl, this past month, started to have a bit of redness in the nether regions. i love this butt paste because it’s smooth and gentle on her skin. it immediately remedies the sensitivity of her trouble spots and calms down the irritation. besides that, i just love the name of the product!

now, i wouldn’t say olive loves these avent bottles. she was not happy with mommy leaving her to go back to work. offering her the bottle {which we did sporadically the last two months} was not fun for anyone who was watching her {i.e. my mum in law and mom}. she fussed and fussed and fussed, she would cry and refuse the nipple. but we finally broke through and baby girl took the bottle. i like the natural nipples the best for her and the 4 oz. bottles are the perfect size for her belly right now.