lake geneva ’21

we had initially planned a vacation to arizona but with the uncertainty of the pandemic, we pivoted and went to Lake Geneva with our friends! ie was a little bummed not taking a vacation in warm weather…cause when you live in chicago, warm weather vacations during winter is everything! but, nonetheless, we had such a great time relaxing, exploring and playing.

we were super thankful for our friends who lent us their home and allowed us and another family to enjoy their beautiful house and all of it’s offerings. lg is great place to get away to for a long weekend with the family!

the first night was super chill. we picked up dinner, navigated through the house and picked our sleeping areas. the kids were so excited to have a long weekend sleepover! the next day our friends went sledding and then explored the ice castles while we went sledding and explored in town. we loved peeping into all of the cute shops and the ice sculptures were grand and awesome!

in the evening, i created a huge charcuterie board for us all to enjoy as a dinner and a competitive game of pool ensued later in the evening, with too many alcoholic drinks involved. LOL the last day we were there {our vacation buddies stayed an extra two days than us}, we hit up an indoor waterpark with our friends who own the house {they drove up for a day!} and then had dinner before we left for the weekend.

overall, it was a super fun, long weekend with our dear friends! it was a perfect little getaway!

such a sweet set up
ice sculptures in downtown LG
love my girls
just a little cold. LOL
terrible lighting but love it
Lake Geneva
sledding! it was so much fun. love this crew!
lake geneva
rosy cheeks and happy!
sweet ellie and cam
lake geneva waterpark
the kids had so much fun!