we signed olive up for gymnastics. a long overdue activity but nevertheless, we finally did it!

we all went to the facility to get olive signed up. as we were heading out the door, i told olive what we were doing. she didn’t seem thrilled. when we arrived, she still didn’t seem enthusiastic. once we walked inside and started chatting with the lady behind the desk, olive walked around, a bit, to explore.

after a minute or so, she walked over to me, beaming, grinning from ear to ear. i then asked her, “are you excited?” and she then shook her head up and down. she was so excited! she was loving what she saw and loved watching all the kids practice down below!

on her first day, she couldn’t wait to get started. i took her downstairs to wait and she was totally eyeing all the other girls down there! oh so funny! she made a comment on how they didn’t have their shoes on…i said, “that’s fine. we’ll take your shoes off in a bit”, then from the corner of my eye i noticed, as we were sitting on the bench, that she was slowly pulling her shoes off with her toes. i started laughing. i told her it was fine and that she could take her shoes off now.

she then started bouncing around and doing things i wasn’t sure what it was. kind of showing off to the other girls, like – look at me! i know how to do gymnastic type of stuff. *eye roll*. {please watch the video down below}

her first day was a success! she absolutely looks forward to it every week! we also signed ellie up for a mom and tot class! yay for me? hahaha!

i’m so excited to get both girls in gymnastics! what activities do your babes love? i’m always open to suggestions and seeing what my girls might love!

via[i told her, let me take a picture…uh, POSE.]


[and pose…]


[and pose. ha!]