bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along?  34 weeks!  getting close!

weight gain:  32lbs.  hello!  ugh, the scale is my enemy…that is why i don’t personally own one!!!  i’m bloated…water retention sucks.

maternity clothes?  still a mixture of clothing.  i haven’t purchased anything new, just recycling the old to make it new again 🙂

sleep:  it’s been better!  and so much better now that hc is home on a regular basis!  so happy over that!  it’s so much more comforting.  i am sleeping more through the night…i’m trying to do that as much as possible before the bebe comes!

physical state:  feeling great overall!  just your typical third trimester issues.  feeling heavy {super heavy}, getting a bit tired {ugh, the heavy breathing, the shortness of breath, i can’t physically do what i am use to}, and i’m amazed at how big that belly can get!  the weight really bogs me down.  hc and i walked around the city the other day {to support our friends running in the marathon} and i almost had a melt down!  i was so unbelievably exhausted, i cried.  i’m so use to being the energizer bunny…the batteries do run out!

miss anything?  yes…everything i ‘shouldn’t’ eat.  i went to a sushi restaurant the other night and i wanted to devour all that raw fish!

baby movement:  she’s getting stronger everyday!  it’s such an odd and amazing feeling.  it’s so hard to describe it to anyone who has never been pregnant!  when she is up and kickin’, she is dancing in the belly!  it’s just boom, boom, boom, against my tummy!  she, the other week, did a first:  she kicked under my ribcage and pulled it out…ouch!!  that was a bit jarring.  she is still hiccuping at least two-three times a day!

food cravings:  yogurt, milano cookies, mott’s fruit snacks, sprite zero.

bump status:  big o belly.  it’s so big and there’s a baby chillin’ in there!  it’s only going to get bigger!  people like to point out that i’m all belly but i think they just can’t see past it to truly see those big o hips o mine! 😉

gender reveal:  it’s a girl.  a sweet baby girl.

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