bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along?  36 weeks!  baby girl, it’s your birth month!!!  ah!  a few more weeks!  hopefully she doesn’t come too early or too late…if i’m lucky!

weight gain:  32lbs.  no weight gain since the last appointment!  phew!  i was a bit worried at the rate i was going at a few weeks ago.  i told the doc that most people gain it in the beginning and taper off near the end, but i was having the opposite effect! 

maternity clothes?  same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  i haven’t purchased anything new for the pregger wardrobe.  yay!  i just wear a lot of leggings, dresses, and all my normal tops.  hc just hopes that all my clothes i’ve been wearing will bounce back to their regular shape.  hey, they might be stretched just a tad around the belly but my regular clothes are doing just fine around this baby belly!  p.s. just so y’all know, they do bounce back after the wash!

sleep:  it’s been good!  a lot more solid.  despite the big belly.  i have a body pillow and i just wedge something under the belly for support and snooze away.  so, i’m feeling a lot better and more well rested than i was months ago!  i like to credit hc for being home, it’s much more comforting.

physical state:  honestly, pretty tired.  i really thought i was going to be superwomen through this all but it’s taking me down.  i get really tired…oy.  the belly is really weighing me down.  the flights of stairs are climbed up much more slowly.  the blocks i walk seem to double in time.  i try to fight it but i can’t!  so, i am getting better sleep just in time to be tired while i’m awake!  for tummy support, i love my belly band.  it’s not the one you wear to keep your pants up but it’s like a back/belly belt that supports your body.  it helps your back and supports the weight of your belly.  it really helps out!  it’s called the upsie belly…definitely worth the purchase!

miss anything?  yes, of course!  everything i can’t have!  especially beer since beerhoptacular is this weekend!  boo.  i’m missing my sushi…endless amounts of all kinds of fish & seafood.  i know i can eat small amounts of specific types but i want to be able to just have the green light and eat it all!

baby movement:  she’s a kick boxer.  she’s getting so big, the pressure on my organs is uncomfortable!  she tenses up inside and puts so much pressure on my cervix…yowza!  she kicks out my sides, my ribs, smooshes my stomach, and rolls over my bladder all day long!  i don’t think my digestive system knows how to operate with all this crazy pressure on it.

food cravings:  pears, fruit cocktails, and pineapple.  milano cookies.  yoplait cherry yogurt.

bump status:  so big.  so achy big!  a full blown bump that feels so heavy!  the skin stretches and it hurts!  i hope i’m selling this to all the never before pregger folks out there 😉  it gets cumbersome and exhausting but inside there’s a cute little surprise waiting for us!  a perfect blend of me and the hubs.  overall, i’ll miss the bump…being pregnant!  i can’t believe it’s coming to an end.  it might be uncomfortable at times but it’s so worth it.  it’s definitely been a fun, giddy experience.  people are so different to you, being pregnant, you are like a whole other species.  it’s been amazing to see what the body can do…it’s definitely a miracle, a blessing from God.

gender reveal:  it’s a girl!  we can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy!

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