bump update

bump update

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how far along? 28 weeks!

weight gain: six pounds. bleh. really? still on trend to out gain the weight i gained with olive. at 20 weeks, i was on track to level out but that went out the door. interestingly, hc has been on a diet for the past four months, eating healthier meals, and i have increasingly outpaced his weight loss to my weight gain. ugh. i.can’t.stop.eating. mmmmmmm.

maternity clothes? not only did i break out the maternity clothes last month, i caved in and actually bought a bunch of items the other day. i was so frustrated with my wardrobe. nothing fit. i don’t know what i did when i was pregnant with olive?! i didn’t buy anything! i had dressy pants, maternity hosiery, and i think that was about it. wtf? what did  i wear last time?!!! everything looks like a crop freakin’ top on me right now! anyhoo, i bought a bunch of tanks, tees, dresses, and pants to wear. yay!

sleep: i am trying. not trying too hard. but trying to get myself to bed earlier. olive digressed a few days in sleep a few weeks ago, but besides that, i try and try to get to bed earlier but don’t really succeed. so, sleep has been okaaaayyyyyyy. some nights are better than others. i am always kickin’ myself in that department.

physical state: i am tired. my legs are so tired. i have to wear compression socks and tights. whaaaaaa? yes, like an old lady. i am out of breath. i am tired when i am walking. i can’t believe how exhausted i am?? i did not feel this way with olive, at allllll. not until i hit 36-37 weeks. so, my mind is blown away that i still have ’12’ weeks to go {i put that in quotations because who knows when this babe with make her appearance}. i could cry. i really feel like i could wheel chair myself around everywhere because i am so beat down already. yikes!

miss anything? i miss my energy. i miss wine. warm weather makes me want to have a beer or a glass wine while eating dinner alfresco. i miss my pre-pregnancy skin. i have acne, dry patches, and crazy blotches all over my face. i miss fresh salmon and reaching my toes without being uncomfortable. oy vey!

baby movement: she’s nutty!!! olive was very calm in the belly. well, she did kick like crazy but she was very stationary and was never breeched. she always stayed in the same position. this babe is all over the place. like seriously! she’s always spinning around. kicking, punching, stretching – upside down, right side up, and twirling round and round. she’s constantly breeched and moving everywhere in the womb. this must be a sign of how crazy this second babe will be. gah!

food cravings: no real food cravings. things are about the same. according to the weight gain, i could probably eat a bit less but i do my usual – yogurt in the morning, snack mid morning {a chocolate croissant is healthy, right?}, lunch, dinner, and a late night snack. i go though phases where i really love dessert or i don’t want anything sweet at all. i can definitely say carbs are my best friends.

bump status: so stinkin’ big. so many people say i am small {they’re so sweet} but i know the truth. this big belly don’t lie! i look and feel sooooooo B I G! it’s heavy and i am already having a difficult time getting up and down, whether it be sitting in a chair, laying in bed, or sitting on the couch. holey moley!

gender reveal: as y’all know, it’s a girl!


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