bump update

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how far along? 20 weeks!

weight gain: 2lbs! i am shocked! the first trimester was rooooough but thank goodness this second trimester i have felt more like my normal self. i am somewhat stabilizing in my weight gain! phew!

maternity clothes? not yet. when i was pregnant with olive, i pushed it until 5-6 months but i really, really feel that i need to graduate to maternity clothes soon. it’s more about the fact that i am too lazy to find, pull out, and look for my maternity clothes. haha! it’s in my closet somewhere…

sleep: i am just irresponsible. yup. completely irresponsible with my sleep. i just stay up way too late. i know i can go to bed around 10 or 11 but i just have so much to do! my sleep is solid but i definitely don’t get enough. in the past, i used to sleep for 9-11 hours a day. haha! so crazy, non?!

physical state: i finally started to feel somewhat normal a few weeks ago. the nausea disappeared and my energy was back, but thaaaaaat bump. oy! it’s so big! sometimes it feels so heavy!? already? whaaaaa? my legs hurt a lot too. they feel swollen and tired, like they can’t take the extra weight already. gah!

miss anything? i still am pretty strict with what i consume, in terms of what could or would harm the babes but i am eating more seafood now than what i did with olive. with olive, i didn’t consume any seafood…just because i was nervous about it but this time around, i am a bit more relaxed about it. i still do miss deli sandwiches, salami, prosciuitto, sushi, wine, the usual. mmmmm. i am hungry.

baby movement: total kicks and movement! i am in love! it was at 18 weeks on 2.8 at 5:50 pm. yes. i am a nerd like that. i am so excited for the kicks, punches, turns, and the movement i will feel. i love feeling her move around and it makes me so happy!

food cravings: it’s so in the moment. i don’t crave odd things together but i definitely crave things and when i do, i have to have it!

bump status: it’s like a torpedo sticking out of my belly. the bump is very concentrated. there’s hardly a slope…it’s like it’s my stomach area, then boom, a big belly, then the underside of my stomach again. projectile!

gender reveal: it’s a girl! i knew it! i had a feeling it was a girl and then it was confirmed! on christmas eve and day, when we announced to our family, i boldly called out to everyone that it was a girl. i just had a feeling. i am super excited…i really wanted to have another girl! olive is going to be a big sister and have a little sister! yay!


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