bump update

bump update

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how far along? 32 weeks!

weight gain: well, unofficially – none, but my actual appointment is this week. i am now at bi-weekly appointments and then will go into weekly ones, so i will get the official weight gain digits soon! so, at my 30 week check up, i was shocked i had not gained any weight. whaaaaaa?! i couldn’t believe it. i feel like i am always on track to gain something. this is now the second time during this pregnancy where i haven’t gained any weight! i keep hoping i will level out with the same weight i gained with olive but i don’t think that will happen! eep!

maternity clothes? full on maternity wear. i really can’t put on anything else. this belly is too big. my oh my, though, it’s so much more comfortable. i feel like the maternity shirts i purchased are almost getting too small or short?! haha! oh this belly!

sleep: the usual. i am going to bed way too late and not getting enough sleep. i am just preparing myself for this new baby! right?! i think the worst part about all this, is when i try to sleep in on the days that i can, i am so used to waking up early every day that i can’t! arghhhh…it’s the worst. i just pop awake in misery. c’est la vie.

physical state: i am admitting defeat. it feels like i have a twenty pound sack of sand sitting on my belly. yes, i am carrying around a big sack of sand and it’s totally weighing me down, slowing me down, and making me really tired. my legs are exhausted and i am getting uncomfortable just trying to sit or lie down. i have succumbed to compression socks and orthopedic shoes to relieve the stress i feel on my body. yikes!

miss anything? i miss my energy. i miss having a glass of wine. i miss sleeping more than six hours. i miss eating a hearty deli sandwich, cold. i miss that i can walk for miles and miles and not get tired. i really can’t wait to be back to my energizer bunny self.

baby movement: she’s a mover and shaker! it feels like she’s spinning all around my belly. i love watching and feeling her move inside but wow, she’s quite strong. i can’t imagine what it will feel like when she gets bigger. i already feel like she’s going to jump right out! she’s constantly like, hello? i am kind of getting cramped in here! unfortunately, she is still breeched but the doc’s say to not worry until we hit 36 weeks…so i am hoping we get some good news by then!

food cravings: i am not craving much of anything. i am eating my usual meals and snacks. i have become pretty routine with my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. if you take a peek at my last bump update, my meals have pretty much remained the same.

bump status: i say ginormous but everyone says basketball. haha! this belly feels huge! it’s wiggly, it moves, and i lovingly look at it as it grows, for my darling baby girl is growing inside. i am curious on who she is, what she will be like, what will she look like, and what’s she doing in there when she moves around like she’s beating a drum inside of me. we seriously cannot wait to meet you little one!

gender reveal: as y’all know, it’s a sweet baby girl!


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