bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along?  32 weeks!  the baby weighs about 4lbs. and it’s starting to get a little tight in the womb!  her movements will start getting a little strained!  can you believe, technically i could deliver 5 weeks from now?!  but i know…every mom has said first timers are usually delivering at 40 weeks or more.

weight gain:  27lbs.  a two pound weight gain since my last appointment.  it’s a gradual process!

maternity clothes?  still a mix of maternity and regular.  i haven’t purchased anything new.  whatever i can throw together to make it work.  i test out all of my regular clothes to see if i can pull off a ‘maternity’ look.  sometimes i’m successful, sometimes it’s freakin’ redic i thought it could possibly fit over my belly.  hehe.

sleep:  it’s alright.  not too bad, not absolutely great.  it’s much better than it’s been before.  i am actually having more restful nights of late and it feels fantastic!  i do get the random days of sleepless nights but it’s been very few of late, which i am so grateful for!

physical state:  i am still clumsy but i am taking my iron pills which helps overall.  though, being clumsy in my state is a big belly pain, literally!  if i drop something, which is quite often, it is very difficult to bend down to pick it up!  i’m finally starting to feel the pinch.  i huff and puff a lot more, it’s hard to just get up from anything {ex. couch & bed}.  everyone says my belly is small but, boy, does it feel huge!  also, baby brain has kicked into full gear.  i’m aloof, i’m forgetful, and i’m lost in translation.  i’m amazed it’s true…i seriously have baby brain and it’s something i can’t fight off!

miss anything?  the usual.  i sporadically make the effort to get a fancy decaf coffee.  tis the season to get a fancy coffee at starbucks.  i love getting one when the weather turns chilly!

baby movement:  oh my goodness.  her movements are getting more strong and rowdy!  it’s shocking, sometimes, how hard she kicks.  and so uncomfortable when she does kick hard and at the same time rolls her head back and forth over my bladder.  yowza.  but it is absolutely amazing.  i am fascinated by it.  poor hc is intrigued but he told me it’s not the same, which is true.  this baby inside my belly is a true miracle and i am amazed by it.

food cravings:  still a lot of fruit.  fruit filled jello.  fruit flavored jello.  fresh fruit.  canned fruit.  fruit yogurt.  sprite zero.  yum.

bump status:  itchy belly.  the feeling has become tight already.  just when you feel like your skin can’t stretch anymore, it does.  oh, and she loves sliding all the way to my right side of the belly into a little ball where it feels likes she is going to explode right out my side.  oh little baby.

gender reveal:  it’s a girl.  totally in love.

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