saturday afternoon

we had a lazy saturday afternoon with grace.

just the four of us.  we hit southport nail bar for some pedis for our tootsies.  as we were heading there, we saw that they were setting up a festival on southport!  after we got our nails done up, we cruised through the street.  it was the first ever taco fest in the area!  the boutiques down southport were having discount specials for their stores {yippee!}, there were food stands, and fun kiddie stuff to do.  grace wanted to ride the ponies and the camel.  um, we said you ride horses every week…no to the ponies but yes to the camel!

we got grace to take a picture with her dad in front of her favorite team {we wish!  she is a stinky loving whitey sox fan…boo!}.  after enjoying a beautiful afternoon, we headed home to do some more relaxing.  yes, it was a great, calming day for us.


[camel riding]


[grace’s favorite team 😉 ]




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