bump update

bump update!

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how far along? 24 weeks!

weight gain: i haven’t had an official weigh in yet. my doctor’s appointment is this week, so i don’t look forward to what it will be. haha! i will update this post once i find out but i am thinking at least 6 pounds. i don’t know why, but i definitely feel ginormous. bleh!

maternity clothes? yup! i finally did it! i dug through my closet and found the random pieces that i have. gosh, it wasn’t easy! i didn’t buy much with olive and i could hardly remember where i put it away. it definitely had no rhyme or reason…that is why it took me so long to muster up the energy to look for them! it was like finding a needle in a haystack but voila! i found my pants and purchased some new tights and other items to accommodate this growing belly. wow! what a difference it makes wearing maternity clothes. i am so.much.more.comfortable.

sleep: well, i am just plain irresponsible. i just don’t get enough sleep. i totally have the opportunity to do so but i don’t. olive goes to bed every night at her usual hour and i have the chance to hop into bed myself but i don’t, nope. i am up trolling instagram, or editing pictures, or writing blog posts, or crafting something. i find myself going to bed waaaayyyyyyy too late every night and waking up at the same time every day. ugh.

physical state: tired. tired. tired. my legs are sooooo tired. i can’t believe how tired i am this second time around. everyone told me i would be and i believed them but i didn’t realize that at the halfway point, i would be this tired. i am on my feet all day, olive always wants to play with her mommy, i don’t get a lot of time to rest, sit down, or relax. i feel like the bottom half of body is going to explode. it’s so swollen! yuck! and it’s not even summer time yet, where i feel like i will really blow up!

i am also bombarded with a major case of baby brain. it’s baaaaaaaaddd. i am klutzy, aloof, forgetful, and way too carefree over random things. i can’t remember such odd things to save my life. just ask my husband. it’s definitely not my normal state right now. eep!

miss anything? i miss having a beer or a glass of wine. i miss moving at a fast pace. i miss being able to put on my tights or paint my toes without gasping for breath or feeling like someone punched me in my stomach because i bent over too far. i miss being able to wear a good portion of my clothes. i miss my pre-pregancy skin. my face looks like it warped back into my teenager years with wrinkles. haha!

baby movement: she’s getting stronger by the week! i love it! i am cherishing every moment, constantly thinking it’s my last. i love every kick, every bump, every twirl this little baby girl is doing inside my belly. it’s the best thing ever and oh so amazing.

food cravings: the cravings have tapered off quite a bit. i have become a bit more routine. i usually eat a raisin bagel or have a cherry yogurt in the morning. i snack before lunch and usually eat a sandwich and have some soup for lunch, snack again, and then eat dinner with hc every night {whatever he whips up}. then like clockwork, i usually eat a small bowl of cereal before bed. yup. just like that.

bump status: big ol’ belly. big. big. big. and feeling heavy already. man, the second time around is really much bigger!

gender reveal: as y’all know, it’s a girl!


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