bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along? 18+ weeks {pic was a little delayed, due to me waiting for hubby charming to come home!}

weight gain: 11 lbs. + {official reporting will happen at my 20 week check up!  duh, it’s like so 80’s to own a scale!}.  oy, what will that number be?!  eek!

maternity clothes? not yet!  still rocking the pre-pregnancy clothes!  beetee-w, a shout out to my dear friend andrea for letting me raid her maternity wear…i scored a pair of seven jeans, amongst other items!  woo!!!!  i know that the 3rd trimester will for sure be the maternity wear time!

sleep: doing well.  sleeping through the night.  the bedtime is still early {ahem, 10 pm y’all} but hey, i might as well get my beauty sleep in before this lil’ bugger gets here!  there have been some random nights where i have made it to 10:30 pm, hehehe.

physical state: still feeling great!  acne is under control, thank goodness!  i still get a bit out of breath but i’m doing much better.  feeling the best i have ever felt.  the calm before the 3rd trimester storm!

miss anything? did i mention i’ve graduated to iced de-caf americanos?  it’s the perfect summer drink for me {although i’ve only drank it twice thus far – ha!}.  I randomly get it on a sunny afternoon and it reminds me of the old relationship i use to have with it’s regular kind before this bebe broke us up.  i dream of bagels and lox.

baby movement: oh em gee.  i’m feeling it.  it started around the 17 week mark and has progressed since!  little pressure pops here and there!  little kicks now and then…crazeeeeey!  hubby charming can’t really feel it yet since it’s so faint.

food cravings: still wanting everything fruity!  i’ve developed a wee little craving for something sweet now and then but it’s still not like how it use to be.  i use to eat dessert twice a day but now it’s more like once a week!  aannddd, i’m really into salads right now. all kinds of salads.  yum.

bump status: bump is bigger!  some days it feels like it tripled in size and some days i feel the same.  sometimes i feel like a nut and sometimes i don’t 😉

gender reveal: not yet!  coming soon!  ooooohhhhhhh!

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