yay! mutts is engaged!

the girl who was itching to get engaged finally did!

i am so excited for mutts! i have known this pretty lady for four years now and i am so happy for her! i get giddy when anyone gets engaged because it’s such an awesome period in your life. i loved, loved being engaged and i remember the euphoria, excitement, and pure joy you felt when it happened. so, when others get engaged, i get just as delighted!

i totally knew it was going to happen on the cruise they were taking together! i totally called it! on christmas day, anthony gave mutts a gift with a message that she needed to pick a date for them to go out on a really nice date. he purchased gift cards for her to get her nails done, for her to buy a nice dress, etc. everyone was speculating that this was when he was going to propose.

i was like no way. i knew they had this cruise planned for awhile and it was at the end of january, before their big ‘date night’. i felt that it was too obvious. anthony planning a date night as a big to do was just screaming to me as a distraction to him proposing on the cruise.

before mutts left on her vacation, i kept saying that anthony was going to propose and mutts kept denying it. she said he would lose his head if it wasn’t attached and there was no way she could see anthony bringing an engagement ring on vacation because he would lose it. i said, all the more for you to think he won’t propose but he will!

so i waited. she promised me if anything was to happen, she would definitely let me know! well, well, well. a few days after they came home from vacation, she text me a pic of her engagement ring! ha!

so, naturally, i had to take this girl out to celebrate! i was so excited to see her! her ring, of course, is gorgeous and she was absolutely glowing from happiness! we had such a great time catching up, talking about the ‘moment’, and all the fun planning that was happening!

via tandeminlove.com

congrats miss mutts! i am so excited and happy for you! you are now on a happy, thrilling journey! enjoy every moment, every second of being engaged. it’s one of the best periods in your life! mazel tov!


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