it was that time of year to get our eyes checked.  i’ve been going to custom eyes since it has opened…10 years ago!  located in the heart of wrigleyville, on southport avenue.  i use to live down the street from them for five years, after getting my eyes checked by them year after year, i couldn’t find another place!  they are so accommodating, honest, professional, nice, and sincere.  they house an amazing showcase of eyewear and sunglasses that are unique, fashionable, and chic.

so, we trekked our way to the old ‘hood.  it was a beautiful day out.  after our appointments, we chit chatted a bit with the receptionists and order our contacts.  one of the girls at the desk mentioned the new ice cream store down the street.  i had walked by it a few weeks ago but didn’t get a chance to stop in.  she told us that there was a really long line at the shop!  i thought “really?!”…of course now i was intrigued.

we walked out and decided to shop around.  we hit a few stores nearby and i had decided that i needed to try the ice cream shop as well!!!  so, we walked down the street…there was a line but not as obnoxious as before.  we waited patiently, as we were given the glorious time to debate on the flavors, accruements, and accents of choice!







[ice cream sammies]

i settled on the pistachio and honey with the buckeye, accented with the house made whipped cream and salty graham!  it was so good!  a perfect combo of sweet and salty!  definitely worth the wait!  we gleefully got our ice cream and sat outside, on this gorgeous day, and devoured our little treats!


so worth the wait and we will for sure be back!  it was so decadent and divine!  a must eat!


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