great evening

dinners galore!  i’ve been lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of quality time with my girls!

i met up with kt, & karen at the reel club for some good grub.  it’s a nice place.  a good go to restaurant.  i love the little cheese popovers…they are addicting {watch out, you could ruin your appetite with these little suckers}!  it was a shame almost all that yummy stuff on the menu was off limits for me {boo!}.

it was so good to be able to get together.  we recently saw each other at kt’s birthday but that was a party and we couldn’t really sit down and chit chat like we usually do!

kar met up wtih me at the mall and we walked our way to the restaurant.  kt met up with us there!  once we were together, the conversation just flowed.  i love catching up with them and hearing all our stories.  life’s ups and downs…it’s what we thrive on, right?!  what’s new, what’s old, what’s annoying, gossip, new loves, old loves, current status, & all the juicy stuff.

my stomach capacity has been limited…surprisingly to me.  i think it’s too early in the game to have little room in the tummy but it’s a happening!  so, i ordered soup and salad.  it was tasty!  i was a bit skeptical of the soup {it was the soup of the day and i can’t remember what it was!}, it had an odd main ingredient that i wasn’t sure about but it ended up super yum!  in the end, of course we had to order dessert!  we shared and sampled all the delicious decadence.


[kt, kar, + moi]

after several hours of chilling, we were dunzo.  with our bellies full and our heads a spinning with all the talk, we parted ways.  it was a great evening with my girls!


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