what a day!!!  it was going to be a busy, fun filled day!  we woke up early and got ready to get our silly selves to the marathon.  we took a few buses there and made a pit stop, first, at wishbone {love that place!}.  we gotta feed the pregnant belly!

i couldn’t make up my mind on what to order!  so, i asked for the biscuits and gravy and the oatmeal with fruit.  annnddd, yessss, i ate them both!!!  they were both so delicious!  it totally hit the spot.  after we ate and did some texting with friends…we were ready to meet up with a few peeps.  what a debacle it had turned into!




[my half eaten oatmeal – brown sugar, bananas, nuts, + milk – and my biscuits and gravy]

first, we were going to meet up with marina.  she was there with her two little boys.  marina had just gotten to the marathon when we sat down to eat but by the time we were done eating, she was ready to go home!  i was like “wahhhhh?!”.  so, strike one.  we missed meeting up with marina.

so, we walked up to the 13.5 mile mark {down the street from the restaurant}.  we cheered the runners on from the sideline.  i texted pam to see where she was at…she was at the 18 mile mark!  ugh, there was no way we were able to meet up with her and ryan!  we couldn’t taxi there {too many roadblocks} and i definitely could not walk that distance to get there!  boo, strike two.


[the super friendly frenchie – so stinkin’ adorbs]


[his buddy that was chillin’ behind him – i want a black frenchie and a white frenchie!]

we then decided to walk to the finish line.  we were hoping to catch a glimpse of johnny {rich’s friend} possibly at the finish line.  we had signed up for updates on johnny as he progressed through the marathon but we were not getting any!  as we were walking towards the finish line, we started to receive texts about johnny’s progress…finally!!  but then we realized, after reading the updates, we missed him at the 13.5 mile mark!  if we had gotten the texts earlier, we could have seen johnny run past then!!!!  yuck, strike three.


[the groupie!]

well, johnny’s wife janice, had finally made it to the marathon!  yay!!!  she was close, by the finish line, so we were finally able to meet up with her!  she had her two beautiful girls with her and her mom!  love her mom.  we were able to hang out for a bit.  it was so good to see them and catch up!  the marathon trip ended on a very successful note!  we were able to finally meet up with at least one of the groups we had intended to see!

it was a very exhausting day overall but i’m so glad we were able to witness one of the great events in our city of chicago!  we are so proud of everyone who participated in this amazing event!  it is so moving to see all these people doing something not everyone can do!  congratulations to all the runners!


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