lunch date

i was way excited to meet up with jod!  it’s still makes me sad that we don’t work together anymore.  tres triste.

we had such a great time, all these years, working together.  and she had to go off and get her own store.  humph!

so, we try our best to squeeze in time to meet up and catch up and laugh it up.  our lunch date was at the little goat {holy busy place}.  i snagged a parking spot and cruised inside to a 30 minute wait {oy}.  jod was on her way, so i settled myself into a little corner nook outside the restaurant waiting for her {gotta take advantage of the beautiful weather!}.

she finally arrived and we were deep in our conversation when my phone alerted me that our table was ready.  yes!  i was hungry!  we were seated and perused the menu.  i had such a hard time deciding {so confused}!  kimchi pancakes, biscuits and gravy, or grilled cheese??  yeah, no correlation what so ever but hey, a girl is preggers!


[my current obsession]


[kimchi pancakes]

a virgin bloody mary and kimchi pancakes on order, we dove back into our non-stop chatter.  we talked about babies, work, life, and love, just a few of our favorite things!



[just bump it // my then 24 week state]

afterwards, we talked and walked to my car {how romantic!} but not until after we snapped a photo of me.  jod insisted on a pic to show peeps my pregger state {such as her wonderful mom ann & former co-wokers i don’t get to see anymore}!  we lingered a bit longer, sometimes we can just go on and on!  finally we said our goodbyes and parted ways.  it was so great to see her!  until next time!


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