kt’s visit

olive is so popular [with those chubby cheeks, how could she not be?!}!  kt came to visit!  kt came to visit!  yay!

we were excited for kt to come over to meet little olive.  it was a busy holiday for the both of us, so we planned on her to visit us in january.  she came over in the early afternoon to our place.  we just chilled and caught up on all the happenings.  we gab, we gossiped, we giggled.  kt is such a sweet person!  a really good friend and a great person all around.

i love hanging out with her, it’s always a good time.  whether we are out to lunch, at a bar {ooohhhh, those were the days}, or watching a movie together, we just mesh.  i’ve known kt for about seven years; we clicked from the get go and have been friends ever since!

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[getting olive started early with the selfies!]

kt brought over a lovely gift for little o. how sweet!  so thoughtful and kind…i absolutely loved the bag and tissue paper {i’m such a detail oriented kind of gal!} aaannnddd how adorbs is the onsie?  i love paareehhh!

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[i love pretty packaging]

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[the cute little gift from kt]

today was a total lazy day.  we hung out until hc came home from work.  we talked and talked the afternoon away {so much to catch up on!}.  hc and i then invited her to stay for dinner!  hc whipped up a very delicious meal: bread encrusted fish, buttery mashed potatoes, and savory seasoned brussel sprouts.  it was so delish!  he’s such an amazing cook!

kt was procrastinating on doing some work at home {ha!}, so she stuck around for a little bit longer after dinner.  hey, we don’t mind!  we love having people over!

awhile later, she finally acceded to going home.  we totally enjoyed hosting her the whole afternoon!  thanks kt for coming over and spending the afternoon and evening with your new bestie, olive!

love, from your leg, i miss you forehead! 😉


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