getting out

i was super excited to have plans with kim and brady!  i was even more excited to get out of our place.  i’m feeling a lot more confident and better about olive’s behavior, needs, and schedule.  she is also growing and maturing week by week, so her habits are a lot more recognizable and easy to console.  so, taking her out feels less and less stressful.  i’m getting to the point where i’m realizing, ‘i have a kid’, so if she melts down or not…it is what it is!  although, when she wakes up…it’s a scream fest!  she, at this point, doesn’t just wake up and oogle and coo.  she belts it out.  she wants you to know she’s up and hungry.  or has a dirty diaper.  or just because!

kim and i planned on meeting up at nordstrom’s restaurant, cafe bistro.  it’s a quick and easy place to eat and very kid friendly!  now as a mom, the world is a different place.  i was that single gal that really didn’t understand kids, being a mom, or that it mattered that it was a kid friendly eatery.  it just wasn’t my world and i didn’t fully understand it.  not that it completely bothered me but just not my thing.  now, it’s a whole other level of understanding.  i get it.  boy, do i get it.


[the little mouse was so quiet and sleepy]

as i was leaving the city, she zonked out.  she was tired and grumpy all morning but wouldn’t really nap.  she took a little cat nap but that was it.  she screamed and screamed when i put her in the car seat.  as soon as i walked out of our place she calmed down and then fell asleep, and sleep she did!  she slept through our whole time at nordstrom!


[cutest gift wrap from kim!]

i’ll leave out the awful part where i struggled with our bugaboo stroller!  it was my first time using it {yes, it makes me sad to say that because that is how little we go out or go for walks…sad. sad. sad.}!  all the other times we’ve gone out with her, it’s been me and the hubs and usually it’s a shopping trip with a cart.  so, it’s easy to take her carseat out and throw it on a shopping cart and so forth.  in the end, i had the employees at nordstrom help me with the bugaboo!  they were better rehearsed in it then me!  so, needless to say, stroller – 1, thu – 0.  i will overcome and win over this stroller next time!

i finally got the stroller going and galloped my way to our destination.  i felt so bad being so late!  anyhoo, i was so, so excited to see kim and brady!  it had been a few months {too long!  and some cancelled plans along the way} and i was glad to finally secure some time and catch up with the wonderful lady!

we have known each other for over four years now!  just like jodi, kim and i got engaged a few months apart, we got married two months and one day apart, and got pregnant just less than three months apart but our babies were born exactly three months apart!  cray, right?!  it’s amazing we have journeyed together on these big life milestones.


[moi, kim, and handsome brady]

we chitchatted, ate {i had the citrus turkey sandwich – yum!}, and watched over our babes.  we were so excited to share stories!  i was so excited, i think i was a bit ADD!  my mind was scattered, overwhelmed with a ton of thoughts i wanted to share!  when kim and i get together, we can talk and talk and talk.  unfortunately, our time was limited today.  we usually can converse for hours!  it was not enough time spent together.  i had so much more to talk about, to say, to ask, to share!  i am thankful we have become good friends, she is such a sweet lady!

kim brought us a gift!  it was so beautifully wrapped {that’s how we roll, kim and i love wrapping up our gifts all purrty!}.  i absolutely loved every item inside!  the cutie outfit is so adorable {olive will look so purty in it!}.  i read the books, they are so fun and cute and i absolutely loved the flannel swaddle blanket she gave us!  i am all about flannel.  stella had given us the flannel swaddle blankets we registered for from pbk and it’s what olive lives in!  so warm, soft, and cuddly!


[awesome gifts from the lovely kimberly // her owl themed gift was so stinkin’ cute]

time really flew by.  before we knew it, it had been a couple hours!  although, olive was knocked out, i knew if she woke…she would demand a feeding.  as we were walking out, we were in awe over the fact that we have little kiddies together.  such a fun time for us!  we promised each other that we would get together soon and have play dates with the kiddos!  so, sadly, we said our goodbyes and parted our separate ways.

it was such a good thing to be able to spend some time with the lovely kim and beautiful brady!


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