jodi and jett

it was a great day because we were blessed with a visit from jodi and jett!

they came over on an early thursday afternoon.  jett is so adorable!  he was so intrigued by olive.  especially when she cried!  he seemed more concerned than anything.  jodi had to tell him olive was ok, that babies cry.  his look was so presh.

jett loved our place; he loved our window blinds, my slippers, t.v. remotes, and our garbage can!  who cares about all the toys jodi had brought with her.  those other items were more interesting for jett!  he’s a happy baby!  kids are so sweet, fun, and curious.

we spent the entire afternoon together.  it was awesome to just chill and relax with a good friend and her little one.  olive didn’t sleep one bit that afternoon {i don’t count her five minute cat naps}…and she was only slightly grumpy 🙂

we talked, caught up, and constantly watched over our little ones.  i’ve known jodi for over ten years and have gotten to know her really well the last five years!  we sat there, still in awe over the fact that we both have kids!  we got engaged a few months apart, we got married a little over a year apart, and had gotten pregnant under a year apart!  how cool is that?!  totally experiencing some major milestones together, that’s quite amazing.

after a few hours of hanging out, playing, & many feedings {both jett with his bottle, crackers & avocado slices & olive with her momma’s milk}, jodi and jett were ready to go. it was wonderful to be able to catch up with the pretty lady.  we can’t wait for olive to get bigger and get together with jett for more interactive play dates in the near future!


[how cute are they?!]

see you guys soon!


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