lazy day

olive isn’t a sleeper like most babies {or what most magazines and articles say how babies sleep}.  she’s a total cat napper, as in she will sleep for 15-20 minutes; maybe a few times during the day.  she might power nap for an hour and a half but that is rare!  the fortunate thing about that is, she will sleep through the night now!  woo!  thank goodness!  so, i’ll take the rare naps she does have during the day to keep her tuckered out at night!


[snuggled up on mommy’s lap]

so our day started early, and momma pretty much carries her around constantly.  sometimes she likes to sit in my lap and watch iron man 3…it’s, so far, her favorite movie.   she went down for only two little naps today…whoa!  i get to work out my biceps.  i get to do my squats and leg lifts while i hold her.  not bad, at least i get somewhat of a workout {ugh…i hate being so cooped up in this apartment with this cold, cold weather!}.  i totally miss going outside for walks {insert sad face}.


[love, love this cutie pie // 5 weeks]

i pretty much walk around and around in our place looking for something to do.  looking for something to clean.  looking for something to organize while i hold the babes.  it’s usually a quiet and calm day.


i love watching her and i can’t get enough of her chubby cheeks!  i just want to squeeze her so hard…she is so cute!  i love seeing her make new noises and new expressions.  it’s amazing to see her grow before my eyes and i get excited to see her personality come through.  i really can’t wait for her to grow up and yet not grow up.  do ya know what i mean?!  she’s so adorbs the way she is but i’m so curious to see her grow into a cute little gal {until the day she really has an opinion, then i’ll be eating my words!}.


[olive and her punk rock hair]

little olive:  i want you to know that we love you SO much and can’t wait to see the beautiful lady you will become!  we want to encourage you to become a strong, confident, smart lady.  be creative, always do good, be kind, and love.


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