oh being a mommy. it’s surreal. i’m totally going to revel in it within this post. those with weak stomachs, please stop reading now, ’cause you might puke with my over the top rants on motherhood.


[grumper mcgrumps]

it’s magical. yes it is. magical. looking at olive everyday overwhelms me with love and joy. she’s amazing. she is quirky, funny, and loving. i can’t hug her enough. i can’t kiss her enough. i can’t stare at her enough. it’s never enough. of course, unless she is having a tantrum πŸ˜‰

she teaches me to be more calm and less angry. yes she does. and yes i do get angry {over the silliest things sometimes} but her sweet face always puts me in my {happy} place.

it still amazes me that i am a mom. it was a world that existed all around me and i, honestly, had no clue about it all. clueless, i tell ya. obvs, until little miss olive came into our lives. i always say to my friends without children {now being on the other side of the spectrum} that they will never truly know the joy of having a child until they are in the same shoes. people with kids always threw words or thoughts at me about the wonders of having kids and it never, never sunk in until i had miss olive. well, this next thought i’m about to type up will be a little rough & tough, a bit of a 180 from what i was just speaking about.

i used to roll my eyes {well, maybe not physically but at least mentally i did} at people who droned on and on about their children. in my head, i thought…isn’t there something else to talk about besides your kids? yes, i was that person. kids that screamed…eww. babies on planes…eeekkkkk! children in restaurants…ugh. annnddd strollers! strollers were like a nightmare coming at me…so big, bulky, and so in the way! yes, yes {chuckle} i was such a beeeeotch about it. it annoyed me. i never oooohhhh’d and ahhhhh’d over anyone’s kids {of course, unless they were my friend’s children…i could make do with their offsprings for a short moment}, i just didn’t find babies all that cute {do i sound like the devil yet??}. honestly, the only exception before olive were my nephews. now i love, love them to death! even then, i still didn’t change their diapies or do anything very motherly when they were babies.

well, well, well. my, look how much has changed. i’m a sucker for an angelic baby face. i coo over every child i see. i want to and will converse with the mom like she is my best friend! we will compare stories, milestones, notes, and ideas with one another and have a connection because we both feel like being a mom is the best.thing.ever. on this planet.

i see another mom with a baby on a plane and i want her to know that i support her, that i am there for her, and that i understand how overwhelming it can be to bring a little baby onto an airplane in hopes that he or she will remain quiet & calm during the plane ride. i hear a child scream and it actually softens my heart. my motherly instinct kicks in and i want to console the upset child and have them understand that they are loved. i walk into a restaurant with olive and i’m excited to see other moms out lunching with their babies too. i see a women coming with her stroller and i am the first to jump at the door to open it for her, so she can easily maneuver into the store.

i love being a mom. i love having a child. i love that i love it. i have now become that person. i jump at any opportunity to talk about my babes. i drone on and on about her cuteness, like when she giggles and how it rocks my world. or i will talk about her quirky nature and find it the most interesting story evah. or blab on about a story of how she dances and talk about it like it should be broadcasted on the nightly news because it’s that entertaining and important. extra, extra: olive shook her booty and mom almost exploded with love, tonight’s channel 5 top topic. πŸ˜‰

anyhoo, and that is my momfessions of the moment. how i am now the dorky mom with the silly thoughts and goofy actions πŸ˜‰ {although i still like to think i am still somewhat the stylish & sophisticated dame, non?}. being a mom is the best job any women can have. i am so fortunate and lucky to have been blessed with my beautiful, healthy, little, sweet olive.


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