bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along? 16 weeks

weight gain: 11 lbs.  ugh.  i know, i know.  my body is making a baby.  healthy weight gain, healthy baby buuuuttttt, oy!  it’s mentally hard to see it!  i seriously thought i might have put on an additional 2 pounds but, nope!  i almost doubled my weight gain in 4 weeks than what i accumulated in 12 weeks!  whoa!

maternity clothes? not yet!  so, despite the weight gain, i still {kinda} fit my pants!  a little help from a hair tie and i’m all good (see jeans above ; ) !  my kiddie leggings are my staples and my work pants still fit but they are at their wits end.  they will definitely not make the 20 week mark!

sleep: it’s still pretty good.  i am sleeping through the night without too many bathroom breaks!!  my bedtime still hovers around 10 o’clock but i’ve made it later on some nights!  i kinda pay the price the next day by getting a bit tired and going to bed earlier than 10!

physical state: feeling good!  i have some days that are not so great but i can’t complain! sometimes, after i eat, get a weird metal taste in my mouth {very unpleasant!}.  in the past few weeks, i’ve experienced very low pressure and shortness of breath.  doing normal things like talking and walking will cause me to be out of breath and a bit dizzy!

miss anything? same ‘ol same ‘ol.  scrambled eggs are just not the same as over easy and i really, really miss my bagel and lox.  it makes me sad.

baby movement: not yet!

food cravings: everything fruity.  i just came back from the grocery store with lime jell-o, sprite zero, capri sun lemonade, berries, sorbet…and i really love kettle potato chips {crunchy}!

bump status: the bump has grown!  in the last week and a half, i feel like the bump has doubled!

gender reveal: not yet!  i’m still getting  a majority of girl votes!  hmmmm, are the wives tales true?!

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