bump update

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how far along? 16 weeks!

weight gain: 4lbs. phew. honestly, i was betting on at least 6-8 pounds. no joke. well, at least, that is how i am feeling! so, overall, i am now three pounds heavier than i was with olive {it decreased just a wee bit…thank goodness!} but nevertheless, it’s still an overwhelming feeling. regardless, with the fact that i lost all the baby weight i gained with olive {almost 40lbs}, no woman ever wants to gain weight {even, even for a miracle of a baby…and it is worth it and a miracle}. i definitely don’t deny myself any cravings…just ask hc, hahaha!

maternity clothes? gah! it’s been a tough battle. i am so big in my lower section. my stomach {obvs}, my hips, my thighs. everything has expanded. man, it’s quite taxing on the mind. i am just rocking out skirts and tights since it’s the most comfortable thing right now. i, sometimes, put on my pants and cringe…so leggings it is!

sleep: so my crazy insomnia had ceased but i am still not taking care of myself by getting enough sleep. i go to bed waaayyyyy too late. i am a bit overwhelmed. i know, i definitely take on and do too much. i think i need therapy for being a type a kind of person. hahaha! just keeding {not really}. once olive is asleep, i tackle all sorts of things on my list and that list is never-ending. it’s like the list to infinity and beyond! so, sleep? i dunno what that is. eep, and this new babe is going to take away what is left of it too. ahhhhhhh!

physical state: bloated, tired, exhausted are my new favorite words and remain my favorite words. my legs are feeling it already. my body totally feels the weight gain {gosh, is it me or the second time around, everything feels 10folds worse?!}. add in not sleeping, being on my feet all day, coming home to an energetic toddler, and taking care of the house; it’s like a cray state of deliriousness.

miss anything? yup, sushi {where’s my dragon roll?}. wine {a nice delicious glass of red}. deli sandwich {i am drooling}. seafood {lobster, tuna, salmon – and i am talking tartare state of being}. hmmmm, i am hungry. on that note…i am hungry alllll the time. every two hours i must eat something! i am trying to choose healthier snacks but it doesn’t always go in that direction! hc has been on a health kick lately, so our dinners are super healthy and low cal, so that is at least helping this mama out!

baby movement: just a few tiny flutters but not really much…i can’t wait!

food cravings: not much has changed from the last month. although, fruit seems to be making a come back. when i get hungry, i love snacking on fruit {bonus!}. with this pregnancy, my cravings are very much in the moment. if i want to eat something specific, i have to have it right then and there. the cravings are very spur of the moment, which kind of drives hc nuts. eep!

bump status: bump is as big as everrrrrrr. like sooooo big. i think all the weight i gained is sitting in my belly {it does jiggle a bit}. ugh.

gender reveal: soon! soon! yay!


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