bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along?  20 weeks!  we’ve made it this far!  the baby should be about 6 inches long and weighs about 9 oz.!

weight gain:  14 lbs.  not so bad.  a 3 lbs. weight gain…i was expecting another five!  it’s a little nerve-wracking to get up on that scale!

maternity clothes?  nope.  dresses are my best friend this summer!  plus, my leggings are my other staple.  i made it to the 5 month mark with the work pants but again, i’m pushing the limit or i should say the button…because i think the button is about to pop off my pants!

sleep:  good sleep is sporadic.  there are days where i can sleep a full night but of late, i have had a lot of restless nights.  my body is physically tired but my mind can’t fall asleep.  i go to bed at 10 pm or 10:30 pm because i feel very tired but my thoughts won’t shut down!  grrrr!

physical state:  overall, i’m feeling good.  not very exhausted but at the end of a very long day, those tootsies can feel tired!  skin is better, headaches have tapered off, and energy levels are great.  i just need to get a good night’s rest!

miss anything?  i’ve been drinking more decaf with hc being home but it’s not the same :p  i’m really wanting all kinds of sushi and a nice deli sandwich!

baby movement:  the baby’s kicks and movements have gotten stronger!  they were faint pops before but now it’s a little more of a punch!  hc felt the baby move for the first time last week!  yay!  i only felt the baby move before if i was laying down but now, while i am up and about, i feel the baby’s movements!

food cravings:  it’s become a little bit more well rounded.  i’m eating a little bit of everything and craving something more sweet of late.  i am starting to feel full quicker, which is concerning…especially if your brain is telling you that you are still hungry!

bump status:  bump feels the same, althoughhhhhhh…my belly button is acting conspicuous!  it’s trying to be something it’s not…an outie!!!  eeekkkkk!  the belly button started to flatten out a couple of weeks ago but now it’s trying to disguise itself.

gender reveal:  hmmmmmm.  boy or girl?  i still get the girl votes from most people.  apparently, my friends think they are physic!  they have these premonitions on the baby being a girl!  only a gender reveal party will tell!

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