bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along?   26 weeks!  baby has finger prints and foot prints!

weight gain:  16+ lbs. 7 month check up coming soon!

maternity clothes?  just the work pants for now but i am eyeing some dresses for a few upcoming occasions!  but let me tell you!  those work pants are heaven!  they are so comfortable, i love them!

sleep:  same situation.  there have been a few rough nights but i’ve allowed it because hubby charming was home and i didn’t want to miss my time with him!  so i stayed up a bit too late on too many nights!  the problem with that was…i would wake up at my normal time in the morning…oy, so exhausted!  so, very little sleep it was.

physical state:  pretty good.  i feel great!  can’t complain.  no major ailments which is a good thing.  although the belly button drives me a bit crazy.  it’s still in a state of confusion.

miss anything?  really missing sushi & shrimp.  and a hotdog.

baby movement:  she’s a kicker!  there are days she is so active and days she is barely there with her movements.  she loves to stay in one position and totally favors laying towards my right side with her feet on my left side.  she is randomly active throughout the day…no pattern but she doesn’t bother me at night!  good girl!

food cravings:  salads.  berries.  crispy chicken.  not in any particular order!

bump status:  getting big!  on certain days the belly seems high, some days it sticks out a lot, some days it feels like a big basketball in my tummy {literally}!

gender reveal:  baby girl!  i’m getting excited!  a sweet little girl.  buuttttt, i’m so not into an excessive amount of pink.  i mean, i like pink but i’m not a fan of baby girls bursting with crazy pink, hot pink, bright pink all over their little bodies {i have to say there are some stinkin’ cute outfits out there in the softest pinks}!  je prefere color me neutral.

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