bump status

timeline of the bump.

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[photo by hc]

how far along? 14 weeks

weight gain: 6 lbs + {official reporting will happen when i go to the doctor’s for my 16 week check up}

maternity clothes? not yet!  although, just checking out the maternity wear is no fun.  i’ve never really fit women’s sizes so, it’s hard to find anything that fits.  good thing my leggings fit great and i can graduate into dresses for this summer!

sleep: pretty good.  the getting up in the middle of the night is very rare but when it happens, it takes me a good hour to fall asleep, if i’m lucky!

physical state: feeling great!  less tired and less crazy, possessed hungry {i was  a hungry monster!}!  the bleeding gums is unpleasant..ugh.  i tend to cry a lot more {hehe}, commercials and sad parts in movies just make the the tears spill from my eyeballs.  oh, and the headaches {grrrrr}!  blah…my head pounds all day on some days and i never had them before!

miss anything? my starbucks americanos.  aleve…never, ever really took it before but those headaches are annoying, so therefore i miss it.  the usual, like sushi and all sorts of seafood.  i ate a lot of it before and really miss it now.

baby movement: not yet!

food cravings: still a lot of fruits and fruity things.  i love lime jell-o and del monte red grapefruit cups!  yum!  i devour blueberries and strawberries as snacks.  i still love spicy, hot anything.  like flaming hot cheetos and pounds of hot sauce in all my soups!  the baby will be a kickin’!

bump status: the bigness of the bump seems the same.  i felt like i bumped out big time right away but then it’s been the same for weeks???

gender reveal: not yet!  so far, it’s mostly a girl vote.  i get a few boys scattered in here or there but mainly bows versus beaus!

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