brand reppin’

i am not sure if y’all know that olive is a brand rep for many shops.

what does that mean? well, she is sent free clothes and i pretty much take pics of her in these gifted garments and post it on our instagram account. easy peasy! we are also brand enthusiasts for a bunch of shops too! it’s where we receive a steep discount on their merchandise and do that same, post pics of olive sporting their gear!

it all started way back in january. one of my favorite shops was hosting a brand rep search. i had noooooooo clue what it entailed and nor did i have any skills in photo taking. my instagram account was mainly of our lives and every day activities. i loved posting pics of her #ootd but i never knew that the BR world even existed.

i was on vacation in l.a. for my sister’s birthday when i looked at my ig account and i was tagged by the shop owner {@stichesandsoles} on a pic of olive, notifying me that she was chosen as a BR for her shop! i was over the moon! how awesome was that?? olive was chosen out of hundreds of applicants and we felt so honored! besides the fact that the photos i had submitted were so poorly taken or not even taken by me!

then it became an addiction. oh my. i began entering all sorts of searches in hopes that they saw something in olive and would choose her! i went overboard {who me?!} and entered soooooo many searches, i was in over my head. at one point, we were repping for over 30 shops! oh my goodness. it became a job versus something fun {which it was fun in the beginning} and it should only be fun!

after tapering off on some shops, we were finally in a groove that felt right. we were having fun again and it became more like dress up time together versus a demand. we also surpassed a few weeks where olive completely boycotted head wraps. that was a tough few weeks where this mama sweated a bit but olive eventually got over it and became a champion head wrap wearer!

a few things i love about this whole brand repping gig: one, i love documenting olive growing up. i love seeing her pics from earlier this year to now and how different she looks! it’s amazing to see her changes {from super chubby cheeks to not so much anymore…waaahhhhh}, to see her grow, and to capture such sweet moments of her!

two, i love the relationships i have built with these amazing shop owners. these women behind these gorgeous babes or the women behind these amazing shops are just the best. they are my instafriends and such wonderful, supportive people. we believe in positivity, spreading love, and lifting each other up.

three, we believe in supporting handmade! so many of these women put their blood, sweat, and tears into the beautiful pieces they make. it’s pretty cool that so many women or stay at home moms can create a business for themselves and i definitely love supporting their craft, art, and cause!

scroll down below to see the list of shop owners we rep{ped} for! check them out and remember to shop small this holiday season!


[gorgeous head wrap: hellomissgorgeous}


[purses: rainandskye crown + dress: czarinasproject moccs: mybeautifulittleshop]


[headband: archnollie tee: kid+kind skirt: flamingotease_kids]


[headwrap: hobsonvilleco]

















































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