sunny day

oh boy oh boy oh boy! warmer weather is upon us! every day gets better and better {and i am so thankful}. so, with that, it now involves a lot of outdoor time with miss olive. she loves to play in the yard, hang out in the garage with daddy, or sneak on a swing set nearby.

her current favorite activity? hitching a wagon ride with mommy! we cover the bottom with a towel {to keep it comfy} and i usually pack snacks and a drink for her ride. of course, she’s gotta wear her shades and bring her favorite bunny.

i will pull her around and around the block in her wagon. she enjoys the scenery and munches on her snacks {tough job being a kid, ain’t it??}. i love getting the exercise and i just adore watching miss olive having fun. she’s so sweet. we typically wave hello to the neighbors and enjoy our serene, calm time together.


[ready to rock and roll]


[cruisin’ along]


[we packed the wagon full of snacks, starbucks, and blankets]


[shoveling cheddar bunnies by the handful]



[the long and winding road]

we really love our neighborhood and we really lucked out. everyone who lives on our block are so sweet and kind. from the moment we moved in, they all have been so welcoming. we have gotten to know quite a few neighbors, through quick chats, walks in the ‘hood, or just hanging out {backyard parties!}.

it’s the kind of area where everyone waves hello to you as they pass by. it’s very suburbia…so different from the city {where no one cares or even looks at you!}. couples and families, dogs and cats, and everyone has 2.5. kids. like an episode out of leave it to beaver style {but not really}.

anyhoo, we love it and we love our walks and we love the warmer weather. cheers to more walks around the neighborhood!


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