happy spring!

spring is here! spring is here! we are so excited, ’cause that means that it will only get warmer and summer is on it’s way! yipeeeee!

i love spring for it’s warmer temps {which we have been blessed with lately…hey, i’ll take a few 70’s but high’s of 50’s will do, at least it’s not zero degrees!}, flowers a bloomin’, things turning greener, and lots o sunshine! ya know what i love most? the snow has melted. hallelujah. don’t get me wrong; and i’m not trying to jinx us…it does typically snow after the first day of spring but at least there is {almost} no snow on the ground!

my hubs has been ecstatic over the change in weather. he’s been outside non-stop. whether it’s him tinkering with his cars, riding his bike, taking walks with miss olive, or playing in the parks, he is loving it.

i love that i will soon retire my puffer coat. i love that i will no longer feel like i am peeling off a whole ‘nother layer of clothes when i get inside. i love that i can wear flats. i love seeing the ground. i love driving around with my windows down. so saaaaweet!

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here is a little pic of our mantle. i love mantles. i love this but i can’t wait until we remodel this area! anyhoo, i whipped up a fun design for our chalkboard to celebrate the spring season. the banner is a nod towards st. patty’s day but i feel like it’s just a cute sign to have around because i do feel lucky {st. patty’s day or not!}.

well, lovies. happy spring indeed! i am counting down the days until summer but look forward to every warmer day we get with our spring season!


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