flashback friday

today takes us back to…september of 2012.

this pic isn’t that old but i do love it. i was scouring my photo album and fell upon this one and i love this pic of us! i can’t for the life of me remember what we were doing during the day…but i know that i was with my sisters {were we shopping all day?? dunnooooo} at old town social. i think hc and terry met us there, jeez…i need to take some ginkgo!

anyhoozle, we definitely had a great time there. it’s a really yummy place, they have great drinks and even better eats! i know that terry and hc love hanging out there. besides the few times i have been with my family, i have been here once before for a bachelorette party for my friend jodi. it was one of the four bars we went to that night!

i seriously look back at pictures of myself and feel older and older! ugh. i think to myself, now this was only a few years ago…why do i feel like i look soooooo old now {or maybe i am}?! wahhhhh. aging sucks! i should probably get over it and accept the fact of the matter but i feel like putting up a fight for as long as i can! i can honestly say that i do feel like i am 25…albeit a wise 25 year old! hahaha! slow it down mother nature, slow it down please!

via tandeminlove.com

[hc’s eyes look awesome in this pic and my teeth are abnormally white for some reason!]

hey now, i might head on out to the store to buy some creams to slather my face with and hope that some product out there can work some miracles on my skin! well, not really since i am still nursing and i’m trying to do my best to not put all sorts of crazy chemicals in my body. eating hot doritos doesn’t count right?! haha just kidding, not really.

well, my lovies, i hope y’all have a fun friday and weekend! muwah!


2 thoughts on “flashback friday

  1. haha! i will try to think that every time i spot a new grey and wrinkle! young and fresh, young and fresh, young and fresh will be my new mantra!

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