flashback friday

today takes us back to 2009.

wow…this picture definitely makes me wish for summer. look how tan i am?! it’s probably remnants of a vegas trip we took prior to this photo op anndddd, lookey at little grace! she’s so tiny and cute.

we were at a wedding {hc’s best friend michael & ruth} and it was a very warm day out! i had been on a crazy hunt to find the dress grace is wearing in the picture {don’t we look so cute matchy matching?}. it was definitely an unpleasant buying experience at a major department store that shall remain unnamed. my only friend who probably can recall this event {the almost throw down i had with a sales associate} is matt. if i am correctly recalling the incident, i do remember meeting matt for drinks and dinner after the purchasing debacle and duly venting to him about my crazy experience and terrible, terrible service i had received.

anyhoo, i finally received the fun dress in the mail for little grace and we all got bedazzled for the wedding. we had a grand ol’ time eating, drinking, and dancing the night away. i do remember grace getting down on the dance floor with gramma! it was very cute to watch.

via tandeminlove.com

ahhhh, such fond memories. well, enough randomness and ramblings from me. i hope you have a wonderful friday and weekend! stay warm chicago friends…i hope our chiberia ends soon! brrrrrrrrrr.


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