flashback friday

today takes us back to 2010.

here we are celebrating my brother in law’s birthday at revolution brewery. i’ve been there a few times and have always had a wonderful time each visit.

one night, hc and i were scrolling through movies to watch and he happened to fall upon this movie called drinking buddies. it was based around revolution brewery! pretty awesome. it was a low key, low budget movie that we really enjoyed! plus, we were loving that a few chicago favorites, like the empty bottle, were mentioned in the movie and we happen to be living right down the street from it! very cool.

well, here we were at the restaurant eating organic egg topped farm burgers & bacon fat popcorn. life is great. soooo good. what is better than celebrating your loved one’s birthday and eating amaze food?! not much. oh, it makes me want to go back there soon! yum.

via tandeminlove.com

well, my lovies…i hope you enjoy a wonderful, cool, fun restaurant this weekend..possibly celebrating someone special or something special {whatever it may be!}.

happy friday y’all!


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