friday night lights

it was a lovely, warm day…the weather called for some outdoor activities!

hc conjured up our evening’s activities, he always thinks of fun stuff to do! i love that about him. anyhoo, our town’s downtown area always hosts certain cars shows on specific days of the week/month. so, we packed up the jeep and headed out on a short car ride to check it out. our first one for the ‘summer!’ to do list!

this was olive’s first jeep car ride. i was a little nervous because it’s obvs an open space and it was a first for me with the babes! i didn’t want her tossing her toys or anything she liked in the air or else it would be gone and then what?!


[cruising around in the jeep]

within minutes, we were downtown and we easily parked the jeep and set out for our walk around. it must have been a gto themed night because there were a ton of cars from different years there. hc was in car heaven. if i recall correctly, ’65 is his favorite year and that car style was there that evening. ya had to wipe the drool from his chin.

we saw all sorts of fun cars and heard a lot of roaring engines. olive was most entertained by the loud engines. they were her favorite type of cars. she would excitedly point to them and her eyes were just glued onto the vehicle until it was out of sight!

after we circled the entire event, it was time to fill our bellies. there was a plethora of food establishments to choose from and hc really had his eye on the irish pub that we have been to before. i was game and to the restaurant we went. there was a little bit of a wait for both indoor and outdoor seating. we were up for either but just our luck, the first seating available was outside! it was soooo nice out and when it’s a warm evening like that, i love sitting outside {as long as the bugs are on the DL}.


[the little red wagon]


[rich was digging all the gto’s]


we enjoyed our irish fare, drinks, and sitting alfresco for the evening. olive is part irish...that is why so loves to eat only potatoes. hehehe!!!!

[hc was dying over this one]


[doesn’t she look like hc here?]

olive had definitely been miss independent of late. she likes to do things her way, on her terms, and don’t you get in her way! so, this evening, she was all about not sitting in her highchair. she wanted to wander around our table and peek at all the patrons. well, the table next to us had a dog with them, so that was olive’s number one priority. so, it was a bit understandable on why she didn’t want to be in her chair…she couldn’t see or play with the dog!


[selfie – don’t mind her chin…that was bad accident that i’d rather not get into]


[cheers! olive loves to cheers!]


[she only wanted to be outside her highchair…womp, womp]


[shepard’s pie]

we enjoyed our irish fare, drinks, and sitting alfresco for the evening. olive is part irish…that is why so loves to eat only potatoes. hehehe!!!!

after dinner, we headed on out and decided to take a little spin around the downtown area in the jeep. hc got some shot outs from strangers on his cool jeep and we got a hello and wave from our neighbor who lives down the street from us!

it was a perfect, quiet, low-key evening. we really enjoyed our little friday night lights outing!


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