flashback friday

today takes us back to…2010.

here we are at a dear friend’s wedding {pam & ryan!}. it was a lovely, warm day in may…a perfect day to get married! we are just outside the church, after their ceremony, and we already cheered the bride and groom when they came out for a sneak peek.

i love weddings. is it a bad or good thing that we really don’t go to weddings anymore?? or does that mean we are just getting older {we are an old married couple with old married friends? or does that mean that we don’t really have any single friends? or whatever. i love ’em. although, we do have a couple of weddings coming up this year…yippee! we can’t wait to celebrate our friend’s upcoming nuptials.

i love this pic of me and the hubs. he is seriously the best husband ever. he is sweet, loving, caring, patient, kind, funny, helpful, thoughtful, did i say loving? he is so many wonderful things, there are not enough words to describe him! he balances me out, he calms me down, he brings me back to reality, he reminds me that we are in this to win it! i knew life before him but i now cannot imagine life without him.

marriage is wonderful, a lot of work, compromise, full of love, arguments, patience, laughter, repetition, balance, respect…it has it’s up’s and down’s and always turns around for the better as long as you have two people who are committed and positive, having similar dispositions helps too. we definitely have our moments, but what couple out there doesn’t?? in the end, we absolutely love each other and only want the best for us and our family. true happiness comes from the simple things in life!

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ok…enough babbling. it is wedding season! i’m sure someone out there is heading to a wedding this weekend! enjoy and happy friday y’all!


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