olive’s 1 month loves

month one

these were our first month’s essentials with olive!

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lansinoh nursing pads // gerber diapers as burp cloths // boon tub // moby wrap // carter’s sleepers // lansinoh cream // pbk flannel swaddles // snugapuppy bouncy


the lansinoh nursing pads were a lifesaver! so worth it and needed. the first few weeks of breastfeeding are out of control. it protected my clothes and it protected my garments overnight. a must have!

the gerber cloth diapers are great burp cloths. they are absorbent, inexpensive, and it comes in a large pack. you dirty so many of them that having a large quantity is critical!

the boon tub is practical, functional, and so easy to store {city dweller life = small space!}. it fits perfectly over our sink, cleans up well, and we can store it, hung up, inside our closet.

the moby wrap was and is a lifesaver! recommended by my bestie carol, it keeps the babes all snug as a bug while you are hands free! it relieves your tired arms from carrying the baby all day long.

olive lives in sleepers. my sister kim suggested this and i love having o in them. those sleepless nights, having a crying baby; it is so easy and convenient to pull it up, change her and be done! no tugging on pants, no zipping up, no trying to button her in your state of confusion!

lansinoh cream…a must have. need i say more?!

olive being born in the cold season, it was necessary to have a cozy swaddle! i love, love these swaddles from pbk. it created a warm, snug, cocoon for her.

o only slept in her bouncy the first month!  we are so thankful for it. she didn’t like lying down flat {the crib is collecting dust :)}, she loves being curled up in the bouncy. it is soft and cozy and it helps her sleep {can’t fight that!}. she loves it so much!

so, there you have it; olive’s first month loves!


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