cousin love

reagan just loves little olive!

he had this stuffed animal from school, his name is rocket, and he’s supposed to take pictures of rocket with people, places, or things. he requested to snap a photo of rocket and olive for the class book. how sweet!

i love that little olive has these two awesome cousins. we love r n b and i can’t wait for olive to have more playtime with them!

reagan loves little olive…he loves holding her whenever he sees her. even when she is crying but it’s funny when she is. r continues to smile and awkwardly hold her until someone will relieve him from that duty. what a trooper!

i am so curious to see how olive will interact with her big cousins when she’s older. i can’t wait to see them grow up together! those thoughts make me smile!


[olive, reagan, and rocket]

i love these pics!  how cute are they?! it’s so much cuteness, you just might explode from it!

cheers to family!


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