happy two months!

happy two months baby olive!

via tandeminlove.com

[photos taken on 1.27]

length: 23 1/4″

weight: 11lbs 1 oz.

oh, time is already flying! olive has grown so much in the last month {that face!  it’s so much chunkier}! she is so different {in such a good way, of course} from her first month. she loves to lay around. what?! is this my baby?! in her prior month, she always had to be held. the kind of holding, non-stop, where your arms feel like they will break off or paralyze with pain.

she will now lay there and coo and smile. it’s absolutely fantastic.

olive’s favorites? snuggling in my lap, sitting upright and watching ironman 3. her fave movie! she knows when the movie is on. she’ll just stare and stare at the t.v. uh oh…should i be worried i’m starting her off with too much t.v. already?! hehe, just keeding.

best part of the two month period?! oh em gee. her sleeping throughout the night. hello! it was and is magical. like a dream come true to us new parents. hallelujah.

happy two months baby olive! we love you so much!



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