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well, i had written this post a day before ellie decided to make her debut, so i thought why not post it still? i was a day and half shy of hitting my 40 week mark and i think it’s pretty cool to show her in the belly and outside the belly! i was going to make hc take a 40 week pic of me on saturday, but ellie decided it was time to meet everyone on friday night!

so, here is the last ‘bump’ update we will ever see. oh, how bittersweet it is. ellie, you are a dream and we are so beyond ecstatic that you are here. god has blessed us with two beautiful baby girls and i couldn’t be more grateful for these wonderful souls who now give our lives the magic it needs!

how far along? 40 weeks!

who knew i would make it this far?? so many people thought i was going to go early. as early as 37 weeks! i had a feeling a would go between 39 and 40 weeks but baby ellie had other plans!

weight gain: i slowed down in my weight gain since my 36 week update but definitely picked up momentum the last week or so. i still am outweighing olive’s pregnancy but it doesn’t help i haven’t been as active and eating more than usual.

maternity clothes? i literally have three outfits to choose from and pretend some of my dresses are ‘maternity’ dresses. hahaha! for reals though, i have completely outgrown my maternity shirts and tanks and barely fit any of my bottoms with how BIG my belly has gotten!

sleep: i have digressed. ugh. my first trimester i had insomnia and then the last couple weeks have been difficult. i am anxious on when the baby is coming so my sleep isn’t the best. i also am waking up randomly around 4-5 o’clock in the morning and having a hard time falling back asleep. it’s not the belly that is bothering me, it’s really the anxiety. yuck!

physical state: i am pretty much in the same physical state. i haven’t been as bad in the last week or so but still so darn exhausted and still in pain. i am out of breath very easily and sciatic pain is on and off…mostly on but i see the light at the end of the tunnel!! after i give birth…i will be back to my old self. i just know it!

miss anything? i can’t wait to get my energy back. i can’t wait to be able to do everything myself and not rely on anyone. i can’t wait to move at a fast pace. i can’t wait to not be physically exhausted alllllll the time. i can’t wait to eat any type of foods without worrying if it will effect the baby. i just can’t wait to not be bogged down with pregnancy dont’s!

baby movement: after the 36 week post, this babe continued to be crrrrrrrrazy in the belly. she is a mover and a shaker. it was like wrestle mania inside the womb but the last week, she has really slowed down. i assume because she has gotten so big and there is no more room for her to move. i can even tell how she had grown exponentially.

food cravings: i haven’t had any cravings but i haven’t been eating very well. my palette has changed a bit and i am consuming foods that aren’t so healthy. ugh.

bump status: i have the biggest belly everrrrrr. at the last doctor’s visit, the dr. said this baby won’t be much bigger than olive but my, how stretched out and big my belly is! it should have it’s own zip code!

gender reveal: as y’all know, it’s a girl! we cannot wait to meet you!


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