so, since olive was born, i did a monthly post on her and stopped when she turned one. fair and fitting, since it’s quite common to document their first year of wonderful surprises. well, i felt it was time to do another report card on my beauty. she just had her fifteen month appointment and so much has changed since she turned one!

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weight: 23lbs height: 31″

she now fakes her cries. yes. she does. when i do something she doesn’t like or when i won’t give her something, she will fake her cries. i see right through her. she starts to shriek and pout and make crying noises but i see it in her eyes. she will stare right at me. almost smirking with her eyes! uh oh! trouble, trouble, trouble.

in the last month or so, she giggles out loud. it’s so adorbs. it’s the funniest noise. it’s almost like an “uhhuh uhhuh uhhuh”. it cracks me up when i hear her giggle like that. it’s so cute and endearing, watching her and hearing her make that sound makes me want to explode with happiness and love.

what does olive love to eat? she loves fruit and french fries. well, she really loves a whole lotta other stuff but she zones in on fruit and french fries like a dog to it’s treats. she is quite the eater. she loves food in general. she loves eating when we are eating and for some reason, whatever i have in my hand or plate is a lot more appetizing to her than what’s on her plate! aaaaannd, it’s typically the same thing…oh child, you so funny. 😉

it was and is such a blessing to have this babe sleep so well {since she was 4 weeks old}. she still is going strong with her nightly sleep. we have our usual routine every night. i sign bedtime {we teach her some sign language}, she might pout for a second, then i give her vitamin d, then i tell her to give daddy a kiss goodnight and a hug {which she happily complies}, and then i nurse her and put her down. she will sleep, typically, from 9:30 until 6.7.8 o’clock. it just depends. she is currently cutting her molars, so she hasn’t been in the best of spirits. but she does take her naps, typically twice a day {morning and afternoon} but it there is too much going on, she will clock in one really long nap.

her favorite toy is the etch a sketch and i think it’s my husband’s nightmare. he doesn’t get her with this toy because she typically cries and gets upset if you aren’t doing something for her, like draw or help her. i definitely get her with this toy…she loves to sit in my lap and draw and she loves it when i draw for her. she is typically a happy baby with this toy and me. of course, this will only last a few minutes before she beelines for the next ‘new’ toy!

she has nine teeth. she started teething when she was nine months old. she has her eight front teeth and her bottom left molar is coming in. so not nice. a mean molar it is. this is the first time olive actually showed signs of teething. her first eight were a breeze. this molar is a fighter! she cries, she drools, she jams her fingers into her mouth. she never did those actions prior with her other teeth coming in. ugh. to think there are plenty more where that one came from!

olive’s gramma loves to read her books, she has been reading to her since she was born. now olive loves to ‘read’ books herself now! it’s so sweet to watch and listen. she will grab a book out and sit down by herself and ‘read’ out loud. moments like these are the best. most of the time, though, she wants me to read to her. she will plop herself down in my lap and we will read books all day and night. of course, only once in awhile will she ever let me finish one!

olive’s vocab has expanded just a wee bit. she says a few words such as dada, mom, hi, bye, boppy, eat, down, up, on, done…hmmm, maybe a few more i might be forgetting. i love that she is able to communicate verbally as well as sign a few things. i try to reiterate and teach her everyday words that will her help her express herself. as others have said, pretty soon she just won’t be quiet!

she loves put on her shoes and tries to put on her socks. she has been doing this for a month or so. she will attempt to put on her shoes {she def needs help!} and pull on her socks. she is more successful with her shoes than she is with her socks. she will at least get her foot into the shoe but struggles with getting her foot in all the way. the socks…she does the motion but 0/0 as of right now.

she has this desire to always toss her diaper. she tosses her diaper across the room every time i change her! i’ll clean her up, wrap up the dirty diaper and put it next to her and she will grab it, wait for me to say 1, 2, 3 {with each number, she will swing her arm back and forth with the diaper in tow} and as soon as i hit three….whomp! she flings the diaper and it sails across the room. she’s got quite the arm!

as a newborn, olive would stare intently at everyone. almost if she was seeing right through you. she’s very interested in people but won’t go near anyone. nope. she does.not.like.strangers. but she is always curious. she loves looking at everyone and is intrigued by what they are doing or even how they look. i love that about children. always curious…until they can verbalize what they are thinking and then you are running around apologizing for your kid’s frankness and crazy talk!

alrightly, olive in a nutshell. a summary of her last three months! wow. she is so fun. it’s so amaze to see her grow. it’s just the best! i’m looking forward to see what my little girl will learn, do, and entertain us with in the next couple months!


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