happy birthday olive harper!

happy birthday to our little baby girl!

olive harper

born on 11.27.13

at 4:13am

weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz.

measuring at 20 inches!

wow!  i obviously took a small hiatus on blogging {i have a few posts to publish that are a bit behind but never the less worth a current post!} to spend time with my family.  it’s been such a roller coaster of a ride!

as crazy as it sounds, i published my last blog post while i was in labor!  i know that sounds crazy but it was already written {it was legit and i did want to share, since i really did make it to my 40 week mark!} and all i could do was sit at home, through my contractions, with nothing to do!

i’m going to write olive’s birthing story soon {can’t wait to share}, i definitely found giving birth a totally amazing experience.  i have this new found lens of women, women being pregnant, and women being able to give birth to a life that changes everything.

this baby girl came into our world and it just makes life such a happier place.  she’s so sweet and we love her so much!!!

i am sooo excited to share her baby photos!  thank you, thank you to tricia from patricia anderson photography!  she was absolutely amazing.  her photos are so sweet and beautifully shot.  of course, having the cutest little subject does help!

via tandeminlove.com

[a sneak peek at tricia’s studio]

via tandeminlove.com

[love this, it makes me cry]

via tandeminlove.com

[tired mom hanging out while the babes is getting her first photos done // i love the backdrop]

 little olive was not being cooperative, even though we kept her awake before the photo shoot, fed her right before, and did all we could to tire her out…yet, little baby girl had her own agenda {just like her mom}.  she was not having it.  she was fussy and not falling asleep!  she wouldn’t feed and momma was sweating up a storm we wouldn’t get her photos done.  oy, it was so stressful!  i had been looking forward to this photo shoot and it was not starting off well.

olive finally gave in to a feeding {her belly was full!} and snore away she did!  thank the Lord!  i was so nervous she would never settle down so tricia could capture the sweet photos she does.

here are a few of the lovely, sweet, beautiful photos {she is 6 days new}…enjoy!

via tandeminlove.com

via tandeminlove.com

via tandeminlove.com

via tandeminlove.com

via tandeminlove.com View More: http://patriciaandersonphotography.pass.us/olive View More: http://patriciaandersonphotography.pass.us/olive

welcome little olive harper, she has changed our world and makes her momma cry happy tears!  her cute munchkin face is so precious.  we love her so much and can’t wait to have her meet everyone!


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  1. Congrats on one of the most precious newborn baby girls I have ever seen in pics!!! she is beautiful. you did real good, mom..you did real good. God bless.

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