glitter, sparkle, and shine

happy new year!  wow, 2014!

here’s to an amazing year past.  2013 was full of joy, laughter, love, family, friends, and many blessings!  the most joyous event of the year?  our baby girl olive!  finding out i was pregnant since february and being on this journey almost this entire past year has been eye opening, life changing, and miraculous.

i love seeing the glass half full all the time, so any bumps in the road this past year has truly been for the better…learning from your mistakes, forgiving others or yourself, do something better for anyone, and try, try again.

thank you for my family, thank you to my family.  my greatest support system.  through trials and turbulence, family will always be there no matter what.  i am blessed to have this through the doan’s and the heintz’s.  two wonderful families, truly special people…hc and i are so fortunate to be surrounded by such strong foundations.

thank you to my friends who always stand by me.  they are the most amazing people and i am lucky to be surrounded by such good people.  as life goes on, it’s good to have some solid peeps in there.


we spent our new year’s eve with friends and family.  we trekked our way out in this crazy weather to have dinner at rpm.  i loved the ambience and the food was delicious!  so freakin’ yummy.


[don’t mind me a glass of presecco]


[our artsy, dramatic attempt]

we settled in at the bar, waiting for the rest of our party to arrive.  it’s great when you live 10 minutes away and no one is really on the road!  we ordered drinks and conversed our time away.  since everyone was running a bit behind {holy snow!}, we decided to order apps.  we had the smoked salmon crostini, prime beef meatballs, gnocchi alla romana, and the crispy ravioli.  small bites that were way too small ’cause every morsel was so yummy, i wanted more!


[the ladies bedazzled for the evening…obviously i don’t know which direction to look at]

anyhoo, our party finally got there {phew!  safe and sound!}, and we were seated!  yay!  and away we went with our over consumption of food for the evening!


[festive attire // dress – last season’s akira]

we ordered a whole bunch of plates to share.  i loved tasting all the different flavors.  we then moved onto desserts…i had the tartufo, so decadent!


[our pasta course // my yummy tartufo]

it was a snowy, wintery night for a new years’s eve celebration.

After dinner, we headed back home to ring in the new year with olive and hc’s family.


[midnight kiss]

on new year’s day, we celebrated with a fun breakfast.  Complete with sparkles, mimosas, and lots o coffee!  it was a perfect beginning to a fabulous new year!


[our new year’s table spread!]


[starting off the new year right…family and a super yummy breakfast by hc]


[olive’s one month birthday cake]

papa insisted on having cake for olive’s one month.  ask and you shall receive.  i love a good ol’ home baked cake!



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