new bed frame

it’s almost time for ellie to transition into a ‘big’ girl bed…we are hemming and hawing over when it’s the right time. for olive, we had no choice with ellie on her way but honestly, it was the perfect time for her. it really was. she was absolutely ready at 2.5 years old! now ellie has 4 more months until she hits that mark but i have a feeling it will be another couple months after that for her.

we were so excited to receive this amazing, new bed from delta children. it’s their lindsey model and it’s absolutely perfect, aesthetically, for our current decor. we weren’t sure which girl’s room we were going to put it in. like i said previously, ellie wasn’t ready…so, we felt it would be perfect in olive’s room. plus, she was adamant that we put it in her room! she saw the new bed frame being delivered and asked us if it was her new bed.

only on one condition…coming from hc. to be transparent, olive has been sleeping in our bed for over a year. yes. i said it. over a year. i really loved it. i did. previously, i have always thought…noooooo, no kids in the bed! absolutely not. nope. not gonna happen. and then it did. one night olive asked to sleep in our bed. ok…then the next night, then the next night, then…one year later and i loved every minute of it. i stared at her. i hugged her. i loved waking up next to her. it was so blissful to me. i missed sharing a bed with hc but i was a bit obsessed with olive being right next to me. but i knew it needed to end at some point. i just didn’t know when…every time we asked olive to sleep in her bedroom, she firmly said no. until the new bed frame arrived…

so, hc assembled it and voilá! a pretty bed frame that transformed olive’s room into a ‘princess’ room. her choice of word. we really love it! it looks perfect in her room, it’s well made, and olive is ecstatic over her new sleeping arrangement! we kept her old sheets and decor…i am too obsessed with her pillows to replace them, but the height and design of the frame gives her room a fun refresh!

the night her new bed was set up in her room, she was so excited to sleep in it. hc and i weren’t sure if it was really going to happen and then it did. to be honest, i cried. i did. that night, i read her a bedtime story and cried. i was super sad, like really sad. i felt like we were breaking up and i was being abandoned. i was sad to not see her sweet face first thing in the morning and get the hugs and good mornings and snuggles. it hit me hard that she is growing up and this was just another milestone that was harder on mama than on her.

anyhoo, i am super happy to have my lovely hubby right next to me. don’t get me wrong…that’s exactly how it should be but that little journey that i had next to olive every morning, i wouldn’t trade that for anything. i am so happy we were able to have that sweet moment in our lives, even if it was short {but long according to hc} lived time.


[such a perfect bed!]



[she loooooooooooves her new bed!]


[love the little details]


[always posing]


[it’s in the details]


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